Iran-China War

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Iran-China War
Map of Iran-China War
Date 1 January 2009 –
5 January 2009
Location China
Result Iranian victory
Territorial Changes Iran annexed Beijing and Liaoning
Fights 906
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran Flag-China.jpg China
Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Iran.jpg gonde Flag-China.jpg Billy Fleming
Flag-China.jpg logomaster304

Iran-China War was an armed conflict between Iran and China that took place between 1 January and 5 January 2009 in Beijing and Liaoning. The cause of the war is unknown, but maybe because of high iron deposit in Liaoning.

At the time, China had an Alliance (then MPP) with Japan, and the vast majority of defense fights were from Japan.


On 1 January 2009, President gonde asked the congress to declare war on China. The proposal passed 26-3. The cause of Iranian declaration of war is unknown, but maybe because of high iron deposit in Liaoning.

Balash Surrendered

After the proposal appeared, Iranian president of China, Balash, officially stated that China surrendered because China was no match for Iranian army. This sparked controversies in Chinese media, and many people stated their disappointment with Balash.


After Balash surrendered, under Billy Fleming and logomaster304, Chinese army were massing their troops and requesting help from international, especially Atlantean countries. Their respond is to help China, even though no significant help come.

Iran first invaded Beijing. Balash surrendered and retreated from the battlefield. After Beijing fall, Iranian army marched to Shenyang. Shenyang fell with little resistance.

The final statistics [1] are 560 fights and 24,872 damage from Iran, 94 fights and 4309 damage from China, and 252 fights and 15,147 damage from Japan, which adds up to 906 fights and 44,328 damage.


After Beijing and Liaoning fell, Iran gain a foothold on Jilin and Heilongjiang, making them dominating Manchuria. They build Q5 hospital and defense system in Liaoning, and many Iranian moved to Shenyang.

China regained their independence in February 2009 after food2rax and Ras Tafari from Indonesia liberated Anhui and Henan from Pakistan.