J.A. Lake

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J.A. Lake

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 1014
Date of birth March 29, 2014
Residence New Jersey
Newspaper The Red Gazette
Congressman of USA
August 2014 – September 2014
Military unit Bear Cavalry
Squadron 1
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

J.A. Lake was an American philosopher, writer, and socialist revolutionary. His work oftentimes questioned and criticized the eUS Government, placing much of the blame for the downturn in American activity on it and its bureaucratic role-play.


Early History

J.A. Lake joined the game in March of 2014. Among the flurry of new arrival messages, he found an invitation to join the eUS Military. Within a few days he joined, entering into the eUS Training Corps. He climbed the ranks swiftly, jumping from Private to Staff Sergeant and finally to Second Lieutenant within two months, holding positions in the recruiting group and as a squad leader of the 112th "Browncoats."

Despite this rapid advancement, the inactivity of the eUS Military coupled with the heavy bureaucracy and he grew apart from the organization, drifting instead into the political realm in the last few weeks of his time in the eUS Military.

He joined the USWP, hoping to find activity and companionship there.

No such thing existed in the USWP. IRC was silent, as was the USWP segment of the forums. A few conversations within the USWP IRC helped to form his anti-metagame viewpoint. One he frequently mentioned was with an unspecified member of the USWP who declared that the USWP takes leadership positions, the Federalists maintain the bureaucracy, and the other three parties rotate through. The alienation was complete from both the political and military modules with this, as it seemed politics was a rigged game and the only military unit he'd known was cripplingly inactive.

Socialist Freedom Party

As a last ditch effort to stay in the game, he quit the USWP in May and joined the venerable old Socialist Freedom Party. Things turned around rapidly from there: Jude Conners, then the Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee, offered him a position on the SFP RevCom, which he took. He also took an assignment to the newly-formed Recruiting Committee as its Chairman, directing the recruiting efforts for the SFP using his background as a recruiter.

After getting more integrated into the Party, he took the lead on updating and restarting the 10 Points of Solidarity[1] and repairing the SFP's wiki page.

He attained the Chairmanship of the Revolutionary Committee in November of 2014 with 84.62% of the vote. His term was uneventful, part of a general downturn in activity, and following its conclusion he went inactive until almost a year later.

Upon his return J.A. Lake took few positions in the SFP, preferring instead to support others and write. In a few months time he joined the first SFP caucus to be elected following their arrival in the Top 5, and he ran for three consecutive months following that. The first few terms he did little, staying out of the bureaucracy he loathed and offering opinions to other SFP Congresspeople as they were requested. By November of 2015, he became an outspoken critic of the reformist positions that Jude Conners proposed, leading to an initially-cordial disagreement that evolved into a more public feud, though less mean-spirited than most.

He participated in funding the December Sixth Revolt, sending four thousand dollars in. Though that was revealed to Congress, he was not censured or blacklisted as part of the 24 players punished for the Revolt.

The December Sixth Revolt was a turning point in J.A. Lake's political life. Where before he had been vehemently opposed to the metagame, December seventh saw the beginning of a slow turnaround to positions that had ironically driven himself and Jude Conners apart a month prior. Activity in Congress increased on his part, though he remained outspoken in many issues. By his sixth Congressional term, J.A. Lake applied to positions in the Department of Defense and Department of State, finding a position in the State Department.

In the SFP, he became editor-in-chief of the Socialist Freedom Party Official Media (SFPOM) and Captain in the Bear Cavalry.