Joseph Morales

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Joseph Morales

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 14 June 2009
Date of death April 2012 (est)
Residence District of Columbia
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Joseph Morales was a citizen of Ireland, who moved to the USA to seek refuge from the UK/Ireland war.


Joseph Morales started his life on June 14, 2009 as a United States citizen. During that year he decided to join the United States Worker's Party as a Communications Officer. During World War 2 Joseph fought for the US Mobile Infantry as a regular Private and was awarded several campaign ribbons before he left the US. During Emerick's reign, Joseph fled to Canada and joined the Canadian Regulars. Joseph left Canada after he realized that Canada didn't need another useless grunt like him. Joseph went to Australia and got both politically and military involved. In the military involvement, he was part of the Australian elite force, the Australian Koalas. Politically he ran for Congress during the PTO of Australia, he tried to stop the PTOers but he failed and lost the election by five votes.

After those accolades, Joseph moved to India and sought peace because Australia was devastated by war. In India Joseph finally found peace but then after he read one newspaper article about India's MPP issue he knew that he must leave before India goes to war. He left India after staying there for a month and went to Russia to help out one of his friends with some money issues. After selling most of his gold and giving the money to his friend he finally decided to settle in Ireland for good.

His, settle in Ireland for good, was foiled by the British when they invaded the peaceful island. He fought with the Irish as a soldier of the IDF to thwart the British's plans to conquer the Island but he and many other soldiers failed due to the lack of firepower. After the British completely conquered Ireland, Joseph continued to fight for the Irish in their resistance wars. However, after seeing that resistance was futile, he decided to go to the US to avoid anymore British/Irish problems.


  • Former Communications Officer in the USWP
  • Former Recruitment Officer in the Eire Aonair
  • Former Candidate Congressman in the ANP


  • Former Private of the US Mobile Infantry (The official government force, not the paramilitary force)
  • Former Regular in the Canadian Regular Army
  • Former Koala in the Australian Koala Force
  • Former Temporary General in the Chilean Resistance Force (disbanded due to events)
  • Former Sergeant in the Indian Home Guard
  • Former Na Fianna Soldier in the Irish Defence Force

Military Awards

  • TD-NG2D Basic Training Graduation Ribbon.png - Graduating from the US National Guard (USA)
  • MI Service Ribbon.png - For being apart of the Mobile Infantry for three months (USA)
  • SotM-E.png - Soldier of the Month (USA)
  • Indonesia-Argentina War Ribbon.png - Participating in the Indonesia-Argentina War Campaign (USA)
  • FER Ribbon.png - Participating in the Russian/US war campaign (USA)
  • WWIII Ribbon.png - Participating in WWIII (USA)
  • ForeignATOribbon.png - Preventing a PTO in Canada (USA)
  • American Campaign in Asia.png - Participating in the American Campaign in Asia (USA)
  • IDF UK Invasion Medal.jpg - Participating in the campaign primarily between the British and Irish (Canada)
  • IDF Dublin Liberation Medal.jpg - Participating in the liberation of Dublin (Canada)
  • IDF UK Battles Medal.jpg - Participating in the campaign against the British (Canada)