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General Information
Country Flag-Egypt.jpg Egypt
Owner Franz Kafka
Founded 9 December 2008
Subscribers 325
Articles 196
Content News in English

Kifaya is an English language newspaper based in Egypt. Its editor is Franz Kafka. The newspaper was originally started as Byt-v-rejzi in Czech Republic.


Být-v-rejži literally translates as 'in the rice' and was an attempt to provide informative evidence-based media that helped to guide its readers out of the mess of 'the rice' of day to day politics and personality clashes.

This media concept was developed in an age when Czech politics had become aggressive and highly personalized. The newspaper sought to provide independent analysis and ask thought-provoking questions of Czech leaders (and international leaders).

Byt-v-rejzi was a totally independent publication and did not represent or speak on behalf of the Czech Republic.

It is unknown when the name was changed to Kifaya.