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Coat-Egypt.png Flag-Egypt.jpg Coat-Egypt.png
Flag of Egypt   Coat of Arms of Egypt

On the map

General rank 11
Country power 368
Anthem Bilady, Bilady, Bilady (My Homeland, My Homeland, My Homeland) [1]
Capital Western Desert
Language Arabic, Greek, Catalan (formerly) and English
Population 1,079
Average level 10
President The Iron Prince Simba
Party Strong Egypt Party
Political titles
vCP Almas.
MoD pammaxoc
MoFA Chevalier.
Governor capetan Pagiotas
MoEd Babis Tsig
Currency Egyptian Pound (EGP)
Minimum salary 1 EGP
Average salary 1994.24 EGP
Food bonus 0%
Weapon bonus 0%
House bonus 0%
Aircraft bonus 55%
Territories 4
Natural enemy Israel
IRC #eAndorra

Map of Egypt

Last update October 21, 2021

Icon-Egypt.png Egypt (English: Egypt; Catalan: Egipte; Arabic: مصر), officially the Arab Republic of Egypt consists of six core territories: Sinai, Lower Egypt, Middle Egypt, Upper Egypt, Western Desert, and the Red Sea Coast.

Egypt borders Icon-Greece.png Greece to the east.

Icon - Forums.png Society and Population

Egypt is the most populated of the three Middle East countries. Politics are hotly partisan with cultural tensions often flaring up between Arabs and Catalans which are the biggest groups in Egypt. Egypt is also a neutral country and tries to keep good relations with its neighbors.

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Top 5 most experienced players in Egypt

Nickname Experience level
1. capetan Pagiotas 1600
2. Srnica 1277
3. Babis Tsig 889
4. Wadera Ka Beta 537
5. pammaxoc 489

Last update: October 2021

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Top 5 strongest players in Egypt

Nickname Strength
1. Srnica 334,778
2. Tilemachos69 324,705
3. capetan Pagiotas 323,165
4. Wadera Ka Beta 320,535
5. Babis Tsig 320,323

Last update: October 2021

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif Top 5 patriots in Egypt

Nickname Damage
1. pammaxoc 3,194,274,857,689
2. Srnica 2,199,122,620,173
3. Chevalier. 1,205,375,759,214
4. capetan Pagiotas 1,076,837,827,198
5. Uchiha Madara21 360,810,191,691

Last update: October 2021


Egypt consists of 6 original regions. The original territory of Egypt is composed of several regions: Lower Egypt (occupied by Icon-Thailand.png), Middle Egypt (occupied by Icon-United Kingdom.png), Western Desert (occupied by Icon-Poland.png), Upper EgyptSinaiRed Sea Coast

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Sinai Icon-capital.gif Icon-Egypt.png Icon - Clay.png Clay Region-Sinai.png
Lower Kartli Icon-Georgia.png Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Region-Lower Kartli.png
Najran Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Region-Najran.png
Oregon Icon-USA.png Icon - Wood.png Wood Region-Oregon.png
Red Sea Coast Icon-Egypt.png Icon - Fruits.png Fruits Region-Red Sea Coast.png
Upper Egypt Icon-Egypt.png Icon - Iron.png Iron Region-Upper Egypt.png


Egypt has an embargo with the following nations:

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.


Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1% 2% 4%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1% 2% 3%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft weapon 1% 3% 3%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Moving ticket 1% 6% 7%
Icon - House Q3.png House 1% 1% 1%
Raw material Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1% 3% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1% 5% -
Icon - Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials.png Aircraft weapon raw material 1% 5% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1% 5% -

Last updated: April 15, 2020

Icon achievement Country President on.gif Politics

Similar to all of the other nations of the New World, Egypt has a multi-party system; however, in practice, the Països Catalgipcians is the long-time ruling party and has dominated the Egyptian political arena with their presidential candidates being elected lots of different times.

The first President of Egypt, Heboo, who served two terms, along with the Arab League, were both members of the Arab Liberal Party. The only party that managed to challenge the Arab Liberal Party's dominance over the presidency was the Egyptian Peoples' Party, later known as the Egypt Socialist Party and Egyptian Capitalist Party. They managed to have Varlosh elected as the second President of Egypt following Heboo's second consecutive term, and managed to have him reelected following the presidency of Arab League.

Political parties

In 2014/2015, there were two principal parties: "7izb Al Tahrir" and "Països Catalgipcians" (which also had satellites parties like PSUC) and they were battling for the top 2 positions. Both parties exist currently under the names "Misr lil Misryeen Party" and "Strong Egypt Party" respectively and they are still in top 2.

This is the list of all parties in Egypt:

Position Members Flag Party Leader
1. 29 Party-Strong Egypt Party.png Strong Egypt Party pammaxoc
2. 5 Party-Misr lil Misryeen Party.png Misr lil Misryeen Party Ahmed Mahmoud Ali
3. 3 Party-Egypt free.png Egypt free Tiger0muslim
4. 3 Party-Throne Reform.png Throne Reform Delpheno
5. 3 Party-Arab Renaissance Party.png Arab Renaissance Party Lina Damas
6. 2 Party-Egyptian White-Collars.png Egyptian White-Collars Emperor Avenger
7. 1 Party-Legendary Party (Egypt).png Legendary Party Zephyrus.
8. 1 Party-Peace And Freedom Party.png Peace And Freedom Party yahianour11

Last updated: October 21, 2021

Egypt presidents

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Icon Field Marshal.jpg Military

Egypt's military participated in multiple wars with its neighbors. Upon its creation, Egypt fought alongside Saudi Arabia and Greece against Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus, Israel and the Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates in the Middle East War. Other wars and conflicts were the various Saudi Arabian revolutions and rebellions, the Greco-Egyptian War and a brief war with Cyprus in order to rent regions. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have developed close ties as the only Arab-controlled nations -the United Arab Emirates are excluded because they were politically taken over by Russians and Serbians and Egypt, Macedonia and Cyprus have also developed close relations. Egypt has close and friendly relations with most of its neighbors.

Through its early phases, the Egyptian military was largely unorganized and was not controlled by the government. Individual citizens fought on their own in regions that the government deemed critical. In large part, this organization of the Egyptian military led to the loss of several territories to Greece and Cyprus during the Middle East War, the first war that Egypt and the Egyptian Armed Forces were involved in. Egypt, with its unorganized military, managed to capture the only region from Saudi Arabia during the war, Makkah. Due to the bad organization of the military, Egypt lost the territory of Al Madinah to Cyprus, and the territories of Sinai and Red Sea Coast to Greece.

However, during the presidency of Varlosh the Egyptian Armed Forces began to take on some semblance of organization and order. The first military division of the Egyptian Armed Forces, the Egyptian Armored Division, was created and put under the leadership of then Lieutenant Colonel Mazir Nama. The Egyptian Armored Division, and the first organized Egyptian Armed Forces, saw its first action in the Greco-Egyptian War under the leadership of President Arab League and was soundly defeated by the much larger military of Greece. After Egypt's subjugation by Greece, the Egyptian Armed Forces expanded to include a new military unit: the Egyptian Special Forces which was led by former President and Commander Varlosh. The new Egyptian Special Forces, as well as the Egyptian Armored Division, fought to free Egypt from Greece via several resistance wars in the aftermath of the Greco-Egyptian War. Later, after the Egyptian Armored Division was dissolved, the Arab Foreign Legion was created to fill its place.

In October 2011, president Egypt Pitlja666 and his government decided to form a new unit called Pharaoh Tank Order to better utilize the army potential of their country. That unit soon becomes the strongest military force in Egypt and is state's official army.

In May 2012, with the return of Lock&load, Egypt regains some of its regions and Lock&load becomes the strongest military unit in Egypt with over 40 fighters.

In 2013/2014 Greece Invaded Egypt and Eventually Occupied the Whole of Egypt. Egypt joined the alliance NaN in order to be more visible in the world and have more military support. After it falls due to excess bureaucracy, created WOLF with KSA and Pakistan, also former members of NaN. This alliance become destroyed by a PTO of KSA and the uprising of the Dio Faith in Pakistan.

On 2015, Banana Alliance made a troll invitation to join them but the Country President Temiser rejected it because there was no previous talk about and wasn't a serious alliance. Egypt during all this time had powerful allies like Chile, Fyrom and Bulgaria until the Greek & Egyptian governments realised that the best option for them would be to collaborate, according to this idea the two governments made a friendly pact that remains active even with the new dictators and civil wars that appeared.

Legends of Egypt is a legendary and the fiercest military group of Egypt. Under the command of pammaxoc the unit achieved to have 6 players with Egyptian Icon rank Legends.png Legendary ranks. Srnica is an Egyptian legend and the second commander of the military unit. Legends of Egypt participated in all Egyptian wars. Achieved to wipe Icon-Israel.png Israel for about 5 months. Defended two times Egyptian core regions from Icon-Canada.png Canada (Air Strikes x2). Managed to land safely in the Icon-USA.png USA core regions with the help of Icon-Croatia.png Croatia and stayed in the USA for almost 6 months. Air Strike and wiped Icon-Sweden.png Sweden controlling all 8 core regions for almost a month.

There are several Military Units in Egypt; The Forces Armades Catalanes is Considered to be the Government Military due to the Catalan Control over the Egyptian Government which use to do more than 80% of all the Egyptian influence; the Egyptian Special Forces are the Second most Powerful MU in Egypt after the FAC and only accepts Real Egyptians in it, The ESF is a Reformation of several Old Egyptian MU who decided to Form a Unified Real Egyptian Military Unit.

There are other MU in Egypt, Some are the Remains of the Old Egyptian Military Units, and the Others are new Military Units.

Egypt's Main Military Focus is to fight according to the Egyptian interests represented by the Government's decisions.

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - ground battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Ground) in Egypt

Nickname Damage
1. pammaxoc 375,871,850,461
2. Srnica 282,357,133,236
3. capetan Pagiotas 168,636,984,176
4. Chevalier. 125,209,899,940
5. Babis Tsig 114,354,300,166

Last update: October 2021

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - aircraft battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Air) in Egypt

Nickname Damage
1. capetan Pagiotas 50,618,158
2. Babis Tsig 38,451,294
3. Srnica 29,945,910
4. pammaxoc 18,372,101
5. ltandehui 11,858,437

Last update: October 2021

Icon history.png History

Main article: History of Egypt


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