Komunisticka partija Srbije

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Komunisticka partija Srbije

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General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Abbreviation KPS
Founded December 16, 2009
Dissolved February 2010
President Serbian Citizen
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Partija Rada
Orientation Far-Left

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Komunisticka partija Srbije (Serbian Communist party, in English; Комунистичка Партија Србије, written in cirilic Serbian) was a Serbian political party orientated, as its name says, to the far-left side on its country politics.

It was presumable founded by Serbian Citizen, after he won December's party elections[1], and was probably the party president all-over the party's life.[2]

The party probably disappeared between February 16 and 24, but the date is not even clear, nor its causes, that could have been abandonment of their leaders, merging with other party[3] or just changed its name to the actual one, Partija Rada.[4]

It had approximately 200 members during its height[1]. Later, it was known as the Partija Rada.


On January congress elections, some members seemed to had run for Congress, and between the text of their candidature article its possible to extract these proposals:

 Шта желимо?

  • Јаку војску ради одбране Србије од страних напада
  • Јаку економију
  • Праведну економију
  • Већа права за младе и н ове играче 

Known members


  1. The party election can be checked here, and a possible indicator of the party being created around that date could be found on this article, from 3 months ago (at the time edit).
  2. Serbian Citizen also candidated and won the elections on January and February.
  3. At least, the known members of the party now are members of Socijaldemokratski forum, another Serbian party. This gives these 2 hypothesis.
  4. The actual party still has the same orientation, and also it was rather big to just die by the leaving of some members. Besides this doesn't discard the "merging" alternative, it gives the possibility that they just left, or maybe, went to run for a seat on the Serbian congress, and also opens the chance that this (the name change) could had happened before the February elections, as it's already presumed.