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Icon-Estonia.png Estonia

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Laane-Eesti
Map of the region
Capital Parnu
Residents 28
Visitors 38
Language Estonian
Moving zone A3
Resource None

Last update: March 13, 2021

Laane-Eesti is a region in Estonia and its capital is Parnu.


Lääne-Eesti is situated in the western part of continental Estonia. The two largest Estonian islands, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, as well as numerous smaller islands and islets, are also included in the region. Today, the region consists of four counties: Hiiu, Lääne, Pärnu and Saare.

With a surface area of 11 135 km² Lääne-Eesti is Estonia's second largest region. On the mainland, the major landscape features are the Pärnu Lowland in the south, the West Estonian Plain in the west and the edge of the Sakala Upland in the south-east. It is Estonia's lowest and most maritime region, and large areas of it are totally flat.

The largest rivers are situated on the mainland, and are the Pärnu (144 km) and Kasari (112 km). There are no big lakes here but Lake Kaali in Saaremaa is unique in being a meteorite impact crater. The relatively mild climate and the variety of soils enable many plant species to grow here; for example, in Saaremaa 1 200 (80% of Estonia´s) species can be found. There are also extensive forests and wetlands, especially bogs. The biggest are the Lavassaare bog (219 km²) and the Võlla bog (110 km²). Most of Hiiumaa´s territory is under forest, and typical of Saaremaa are areas that are overgrown with junipers. The quality of soil in Lääne-Eesti is poor, as the soil is very stony, and on the mainland very wet. Areas with more fertile soil have been turned into fields.


Laane-Eesti is neighbored by the following regions:


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