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General Information
Country Flag-North Macedonia.jpg Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Abbreviation [MT]
Founded June, 2015
President DangleMK
Members 76 (last recorded in April 2016)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds EVMRO - DPMNE
Succeeded By Demohristijanska Partija
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Macedonia Timeless was one of the top 5 parties party in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) with 80 members.

Macedonia Timeless has never purposed country presidents but it in her history there were Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister of Information, Minister of Education. Also, the party has supported several presidential candidates such as NENODS, huroto, Severus Snape and more.


Macedonia Timeless was a party founded by Branislav 1995 in July 2015. After creating the party, Branislav 1995 formed an experienced team and in 1 month the party has been ranked as the 5th party in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). After Branislav 1995 there were several party presidents that were in the same team as Branislav 1995 was. The highest rank of the party is the top 3.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President
15 April 2016 DangleMK
15 March 2016 Saint from Macedonia
15 February 2016 Saint from Macedonia
15 January 2016 Saint from Macedonia
15 December 2015 Saint from Macedonia
15 November 2015 Saint from Macedonia
15 October 2015 Saint from Macedonia
15 September 2015 One Hit
15 August 2015 Brotherhood and Unity
15 July 2015 Branislav 1995