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Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Maramures
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-Romania.png Romania
Capital Baia Mare
Residents 158
Visitors 176
Language Romanian
Moving zone A3
Resource None

Last update: February 7, 2018

Maramures is a region in Ukraine and its capital is Baia Mare. Its original owner is Romania.

Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine, Maramures, old region of Icon-Romania.png Romania is a geographic region of Romania consisting of Maramures Depression, Transcarpathia's Region East from the former Ukraine (Rahau, Slatina, Tecev, Hust districts). The historical capital Sighet (today Sighetu Marmatiei) has been replaced with Baia Mare city.


Maramures is neighbored by following regions:

V1 constructions


Icon - Hospital.jpg Q5

Defence system

Icon - Defense System.jpg Q5



Term Started Date Mayor Party
21 April 2008 ionutzsteaua Uniunea Jucatorilor Activi
21 May 08 merfi eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati
21 June 2008 merfi eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati
21 Jul 2008 merfi eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati
21 August 2008 thewiszard
21 September 2008 adi.furk eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati


Proud Citizens from this regions are ionutzsteaua[1], Dannius, elveon, tisha, kostika, diu1so[2]