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General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Language English and Dutch
Owner Viglius
Founded Day 1,065
Subscribers 67
Articles 38
Content Various
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MoDDeR is a newspaper publishing in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands, owned by Dutch statesman and publisher Viglius. MoDDeR is an abbreviation of the Dutch proposition Magazine over Dagelijkse Dingen en Rariteiten, angliscized as Magazine on Daily Doings and Rarities. It consequently published articles on precisely those issues: daily doings and rarities in elife.


MoDDeR was founded by Viglius on Day 1,065 of the New World. In the first edition, the editor-in-chief introduced himself to the Dutch people, stating his intentions to become active in politics, as well as in the media. In the following month, MoDDeR was published very regularly, commenting on politics and the eWorld at large. The last of the eleven editions published in this highly active month was published on Day 1,099. MoDDeR's owner then left active politics to become a two-clicker.

MoDDeR was published again on Day 1,250, when Viglius returned from his two-click holidays and became active again. Articles from that time were mainly written on Democratisch Nederland, Jacob van den Guldenweege and his back then highly militant Geuzen Partij Nederland, anti-ONE actions and the Dutch Constitutional Reappraisal and Amelioration Program (better known as CRAP).

Things changed when the newspaper, with its owner, left for Icon-Austria.png Austria on Day 1,421. The 24th article was subsequently posted in that country. Austria being in the ONE sphere, MoDDeR was soon relocated again, this time to Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland. The only article published there was the 25th, trying to persuade the Swiss people to join EDEN.

Finally, on Day 1,539, MoDDeR was once again moved to and published in its country of origin. The 26th article announced Viglius's return to the Netherlands, while articles 27 and 28 were written to support democracy in Austria.


Since its inception, MoDDeR has mainly published bilingual articles, in both Dutch and English. Dutch is most often the first language, with an English translation added at the end of most articles. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Edition 13 was published in Dutch only, and editions 24 to 29 were published in English only.


#Nr. Date Article
1 Day 1,065 Hallo, eNederland! - Hello, eNetherlanders!
2 Day 1,065 Arme, arme landgenoten! - My poor, poor fellow countrymen!
3 Day 1,071 Onheilspellende vooruitzichten! - Ominous prospects!
4 Day 1,073 Viva eRossiya!
5 Day 1,087 Faal, eVK, faal, Phoenix? - Fail, eUK, fail, Phoenix?
6 Day 1,088 An honest tale speeds best, being plainly told - Richard III, Act IV, scene iv
7 Day 1,092 DemNL eerste nieuwe partij! - DemNL first new party!
8 Day 1,093 DemNL, voor iedereen! - DemNL, for everyone!
9 Day 1,096 Stop met zoeken: DemNL is hier! - Stop searching: DemNL is here!
10 Day 1,098 Officiële Bekendmaking! - Official Announcement!
11 Day 1,099 Waar zijn de partijprogramma’s? - Where are the Party Manifesto’s?
12 Day 1,250 Kandidatuur! - Candidature!
13 Day 1,311 JvdG v. eNederland
14 Day 1,311 Stem Hindrik voor DemNL! - Vote Hindrik for DemNL!
15 Day 1,353 CRAP, hoe en wat? - What about CRAP?
16 Day 1,360 HET - GROTE - PLAN
17 Day 1,367 Part Deux - HET GROTE PLAN!
19 Day 1,372 CRAPdate!
20 Day 1,372 Stem Hindrik voor DemNL! - Vote Hindik for DemNL!
21 Day 1,384 JvdG, een necrologie - JvdG, an obituary
22 Day 1,410 Pleasure and action make the hours seem short - Othello, Act III, scene iii
23 Day 1,417 Open brief aan Senator Auggustus - Open letter to Senator Auggustus
24 Day 1,437 Ambassador's Report - eNetherlands
25 Day 1,510 There’s small choice in rotten apples - The Taming of the Shrew, Act I, scene i
26 Day 1,539 Let us make an honourable retreat - As You Like It, Act III, scene ii
27 Day 1,544 A revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government - Goethe
28 Day 1,546 Tyranny is always better organized than freedom - Charles Péguy
29 Day 1,623 Mud not the fountain that gave drink to thee - The Rape of Lucrece
30 Day 1,661 Ontslag als regeringsadviseur - Resignation as government advisor
31 Day 1,663 We will answer all things faithfully - The Merchant of Venice, Act V, scene i
32 Day 1,880 DemNL - Het werd eens tijd! - It was about time!
33 Day 1,884 DemNL - Dank en een korte update - Thanks and a short update
34 Day 1,888 DemNL - Congresverkiezingen - Congress elections
35 Day 1,892 DemNL - Verhaal van een partij - Tale of a party
36 Day 1,901 DemNL - Kimberly en de huidige situatie - Kimberly and the current situation
37 Day 1,903 DemNL - CP-verkiezingen - CP elections
38 Day 1,911 DemNL - Caritas, of naastenliefde - Caritas, or charity