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Icon naturalenemy.gif Natural Enemy is a law that can be used to define the most hated enemy of your country.
Every country can have only one natural enemy chosen at a given time. Both congress and president can propose it.

The proposal screen for Natural Enemy as seen by congressmen/president.
Current Natural Enemy as seen on Military tab of Country's page, along with the timestamp of when it was set (meaning voted and NE bonuses became active).

Setting natural enemy

A country may only declare another as its natural enemy if they share a common border. A border MUST be present when the law is proposed and when the law closes.

Countries having an active Mutual protection pact can set each other as a Natural Enemy.

Natural Enemy can be chosen by proposing and voting a law. This law is the first law that can be proposed both by Country President and Congressmen who can chose among a list of the neighboring countries.


The law is voted by the congress and president as all normal laws. However the Natural Enemy proposals require a super majority, or 66% of the votes to pass.


When the proposal is accepted:

  • a free war will be opened between the countries
  • citizens of the declaring country get a 10% bonus when fighting against the Natural Enemy
    • Note 1: This only applies to the influence made to the "wall". Rank points aren't affected by Natural Enemy.
    • Note 2: You will get +10% influence only in campaigns between your citizenship country and Natural Enemy of your citizenship country.

You cannot sign a peace treaty with your Natural Enemy: both countries must first unset Natural Enemy before they can sign a peace treaty. Once the Natural Enemy is set, it cannot be changed for 7 days.

After 7 days have passed, the current Natural Enemy can be changed to another country or unset. If you unset the Natural Enemy, the citizens of your country no longer get the 10% damage bonus against the unset Natural Enemy. You can set a new Natural Enemy right after unsetting the previous one.


Is Natural Enemy mutual? If Country A declares Country B as Natural Enemy, does it mean that Country B also has Country A as Natural Enemy?
No, Natural Enemy is not mutual, unless the two countries involved don’t declare themselves Natural Enemies. So, it could happen that Country A has Country B as Natural Enemy and Country B has Country C as Natural Enemy. In this case, all citizens with Country A citizenship will have 10% War influence Bonus in the war against Country B, while citizens with Country B citizenship will have no bonus in the same war. Citizens with Country B citizenship will have 10% War influence bonus in the war against Country C.
Can my country be chosen as Natural Enemy by more than one country simultaneously?
Yes, a country can be chosen as Natural Enemy by more than one country at the same time.
Will I be able to unset my Natural Enemy?
Yes, when proposing a Natural Enemy law, one option is to cancel your current Natural Enemy. But this can be done only if 7 days (7x24 hours) have passed since your previous Natural Enemy became active (that means since law has passed and NE bonuses became active). If the Natural Enemy is unset between Country A and Country B, the war between them remains active.
Will the Natural Enemy bonus also apply to allies?
No, the Natural Enemy bonus is not applied to allies in any way.
What happens if there is already a war against Country B, and there are two laws in the same time, one declaring peace to Country B and another one proposing Country B as Natural Enemy?
If peace is voted before Natural Enemy, the war will be initially closed, and then reopened for free as the result of Natural Enemy declaration. If Natural Enemy is being accepted before peace, peace will be automatically rejected.
What happens if the Natural Enemy no longer shares a border with us?
The Natural Enemy will be unset automatically.
If Country A has declared a Natural Enemy, does it mean that citizens of Country A will get a 10% bonus in all wars against the natural enemy?
No, only wars between Country A and the Natural Enemy will provide citizens of Country A a 10% bonus. For example, if Country A citizens fight against their Natural Enemy in a war started by Country C, no bonus will be given to them. They will also not be given a bonus in any Resistance Wars.
If Country A declares Country B as Natural Enemy and attacks it before Country B has set Country A as a Natural Enemy, when will 10% bonus be activated for Country B?
10% bonus for Country B will be activated at the start of the first round after the Natural Enemy law is voted.

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