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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

The Paradoxian Guard

Paradoxian Guard.jpg

Onwards Paradoxia!

General Information
Disbanded 2011 (est)
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Region Nunavut
Colors Red and White
Type Light Infantry
Part of Canadian Paradox Party

The Paradoxian Guard was a private military force created by the Canadian Paradox Party on the recommendation of Tom Hagen. The main purpose of the force was to help bolster Canada's defenses on the occasion of either invasion or annexation by a foreign power. The Guard worked in conjunction with the Canadian Armed Forces in securing regions and by initiating Resistance Wars.


With the ongoing French Wars casting a shadow over the country, and with doubts of the capabilities of the CAF to adequately defend Canada, Tom Hagen put forth a recommendation to the CPP Council to create a military force which would provide both wellness and support for those Paradoxians who chose to train and to improve their military prowess. Following this recommendation and a Council discussion, the approval to create this force was granted and on the 23 March 2009, the force became into existence with the name of The Paradoxian Guard.

Organisation & Structure


To maintain the sovereignty, independence, and integrity of Canada, and the Canadian Paradox Party, through means of military action, and resistance, by any and all means necessary, against Canada’s, and the Canadian Paradox Party's enemies, whether foreign or domestic. The Paradoxian Guard will work in conjunction with all Military entities, and the Ministry of National Defense and follow all orders coming from the Ministry of National Defense, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, except in special circumstances, or situations, set by the Rules of the Paradoxian Guard.


Before joining The Paradoxian Guard all applicant must post the following oath in a specified thread:

I, (Insert Name), do solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the Sovereignty, independence, and integrity of Canada, and the Canadian Paradox Party, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and loyalty to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the Party President and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Paradoxian Guard Code of Conduct. I will keep Paradoxian Guard honourable, and refrain from devaluing Canada and the Paradoxian Guard by any means within, or beyond, Canada's border.

Oath of the Paradoxian Guard

The Paradoxian Guard Chain of Command

The chain of command of The Paradoxian Guard is as follows:

Commander in Chief: The CPP Party President

Chief of Staff: Commander of the Paradoxian Guard (CPG) / Commandant du Paradoxian Guard (CPG)

Officers:(Squadron Level)

Captain (Capt) / Capitaine (capt)

Lieutenant (Lt) / Lieutenant (lt)

Enlisted Members:

Senior Ranks (Rangs supérieurs)

Sergeant (Sgt) / Sergent (sgt)

Junior Ranks (Rangs subalternes)

Rifleman (Cpl) / Rifleman (cpl)

Guardsman (Pte) / Soldat (sdt)

The Paradoxian Guard Code of Conduct

All Guardsmen are expected to comply with the Paradoxian Guard Code of Conduct at all times:

While in the Paradoxian Guard (PG) your duty is to eCanada, the Canadian Paradox Party, and their continued existance, and sovereignty. You are bound to uphold the Constitution of eCanada, as supported by the Government of Canada, its Congress, and the Prime Minister, as well as the Party Mandate, supported by the Party President, and it's Council. There are three tenants upon which the PG is built on: Respect, Honor and Loyalty.


1.All members of the PG must respect their fellow soldiers, their officers, their civilian leadership, and all civilians at all times and in all manners.
2.All members of the PG will respect their opponents in, or out, of the field, keeping the PG to be held as an honorable and professional fighting force in the eWorld, and in eCanada.


1.All members of the PG are bound to act in an honorable manner; members of the PG are bound to not defy the laws of eRepublik or those passed by the Congress of eCanada and the Government.
2.All members of the PG are to honor their opponents in and out of combat act in an honorable fashion, and maintain the decorum of eCanada throughout your engagements within, or beyond the borders of eCanada.


1.All members of the PG have a duty to eCanada, its sovereignty, the Canadian Paradox Party and its people; members must do their utmost to protect eCanada and its Allies abroad, members are expected to not disclose any information vital to the security of eCanada or its Allies at any time during their service, or outside of their service.
2.All members of the PG are to follow the orders of their superiors to the best of their ability; the orders of the Party President, and in times of War, the Civilian Government elected, the Prime Minister supersede those of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister supersede those of the Minister of National Defense in cases where the Prime Minister cannot, the orders of the Minister of National Defense supersede those of the Party President, and so on down the chain of command.

This document has authority over all members of the Paradoxian Guard, and the Party President from Guardsman to CPG. By entering into the Paradoxian Guard at any rank you are automatically agreeing to this Code of Conduct, whether read or unread.

If an enlisted private is in violation of a rule at any time, The Commander of the Paradoxian Guard or the Party President can give consequences thereof, in any manner which he, or they, deem fit. Any action that is considered to be treason, or goes against the Canadian Intelligence Act by a single member, will result in an automatic dishonorable discharge and loss of rank where re-entry is subject to the Commander of the Paradoxian Guard and the Party President jointly.

If an officer of the Paradoxian Guard is in violation of these rules, the Commander of the Paradoxian Guard or the Party President shall propose action to take against this officer in the forum via discussion, between the CPG and the Party President.

If the Commander of the Paradoxian Guard or the Party President sees someone in the PG in violation of these rules, as it is vital that this person is stopped, and may give a temporary suspension until discussion can be concluded towards that member's permanent discharge.

The Commander of the Paradoxian Guard is a Council Position. Therefore he/she can be replaced at the Party President’s discretion. The Commander will be prosecuted in the presence of the Council, Party President and all CPP Members, where a Court will be held.

This document shall be the guiding force in the operations of the Paradoxian Guard henceforth.

Code of Conduct of the Paradoxian Guard