People's Democratic Voice

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General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Abbreviation PDV
Founded 16 July 2008
Dissolved November 2008
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Milliyetci Yukselis Partisi??????
Orientation Far-Left

People's Democratic Voice (formerly known as Ambrotos Byzantium Kratos and Turkish Liberation Front) was a leftist, egalitarian party in Turkey.

It was commissioned in July of 2008. When it was known as the ABK, it initially aimed to counter the racism, sexism, and ethnic hatred of the ruling Turks and to end the war to take over Greece, also known as the Balkan Wars. When it was taken over by PrincessMedyPi, she changed the mission of the party to be one of egalitarianism and peace.

In response to inter-ethnic hostility in Turkey, PrincessMedyPi entered politics to address the need for a moderating position between the Turkish and Jewish populations. In the October 2008 party elections, she fought a long hard battle to keep the leadership of the party out of the hands of the MHC. When she won, she immediately renamed the party to the far less divisive People's Democratic Voice and gave the party a new direction.

People's Democratic Voice's mission

  1. Accepting all ethnicity and nationalities inhabiting this land.
  2. Spreading peace throughout a divided land.
  3. Ensuring that the voice of the people is properly and respectfully represented.
  4. Holding reason and understanding to a high regard.
  5. Rooting out corruption and informing the populace of oppression.
  6. Creating a strong nation and raising our nation's respect in the global community.


  • July 16 – Turkish Liberation Front (TLF) established by Jungo
  • July 16 – Phaedrus Lidox takes over party leadership
  • July 20 – Party members lose mayoral elections, due to massive voter fraud
  • August 1 – Phaedrus Lidox is elected president of eTurkey
  • August 1 - Party members gain more seats in Congress than any party
  • August 2 - The Turkish Liberation Front was renamed Ambrotos Byzantium Kratos (Immortal Byzantine Power)
  • August 10 - Phaedrus Lidox re-elected party president
  • August 20 - Party's name changed to "ERROR:BUFFER_OVERFLOW" and the abbreviation was changed to 666
  • August 22 - Party President Phaedrus Lidox banned from politics.
  • August 25 - valinhorn appointed Party President
  • September 10 - vanjaturk wins the party elections
  • October 10 - PrincessMedyPi wins the party elections
  • October 11 - Ambrotos Byzantium Kratos was renamed People's Democratic Voice
  • November 15 - BattalGazi wins the party elections

The Rise

Logo of the TLF

The Turkish Liberation Front (TLF) started strong when it stepped into the political scene. Newspapers and press releases were organized. A campaign of media saturation got the goals and beliefs of the party into the public consciousness. Articles by the TLF media criticized the Selcuk1907 regime. Party members organized massive rallies to win the local elections on July 20, however, no seats were gained, due to suspected voter fraud.

The TLF persevered. When Selcuk1907 and the Turkish congress voted to go to war with Greece, the TLF mobilized humanitarian aid and kept pressure on the government. TLF members were strongly against the war and were contentious objectors [1] to the war.

The war with Greece only made the TLF stronger. As more and more Greek regions were captured, the TLF gained more members. The anti-war movement consolidated the power of the TLF and energized party members for the August 1 election.

The August election was hard-fought. TLF members and other observers monitored the polling places, seeking out the clever disguises of multi-accounters. By dawn, the TLF had won the presidency and was able to seat the largest amount of congress members.

The ABK Government

Logo of the ABK

In the beginning of August, party leaders decided to change the name of the party. Turkey had been liberated. The party changed its name to Ambrotos Byzantium Kratos (Immortal Byzantine Power). Immediately, the war with Greece was over.

The Downfall?

The new party logo

The ABK began to fall apart on 20 August 2008. The name of the party was changed to "ERROR:BUFFER_OVERFLOW" and the party abbreviation was changed to the cryptic "666." The party logo was also changed.

Party and country President Lidox began to act strange. Pictures of him began to be changed to that of a T-1000. Cryptic messages such as the following[2] were sent to ABK members.

Lidox's new profile picture


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FEEDS......................................рассматриваемый...................................................................POUR LE MOMENT...................................................DONE





Though Phaedrus seemed to be sinking into madness or had contracted a virus, the ABK won 6 out of 21 regions in Turkey. Party members celebrated, hoping that the strange actions of president was a momentary lapse and that he would return to his old self.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. On 22 August, an alleged cyber attack was launched up the Erepublik world. Phaedrus was implicated in these actions and was removed from his seat in the party and the government.


The party was taken over by PrincessMedyPi in October 2008. She changed the mission of the party to egalitarianism and peace.


The exact date of the party end is unknown, but it is believed that it happened sometime between November 2008 and March 2009.