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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Poke Foundation
Logo of Poke Foundation
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Headquarters Bavaria
Subsidiaries Poke Company, PokeGrain, PokeFood, PokeFood Bayern
Founded August 2008
Founder Joe Poke
Products Grain Food

The Poke Foundation was a private foundation of public utility based in Munich whose statutory aims are in the fields of democratic engagement, non-profit civic duty, charity and education (Democracy, Transparency and Peace). It operated Q1 companies focused on Germany's beginner food market.

In addition to the Foundation's former management and various other department areas the premises include a large auditorium, a space for temporary exhibitions, a congress area with auditoriums and other rooms. The entire complex is set in the modernly arranged PokePark in Upper Bavaria. The large premises, opened in 2009, comprise the now defunct head-office building itself and offices of the editorial staff of DIE ZEIT and internal newspapers.


It was created as the former “Poke S.O.” in August 2008 by Joe Poke, an active Beta Player of both Portuguese and German origin. The head-office was located in Lisbon and has been transferred to Bavaria as of February 2009.


The Foundation was created to enhance fields of democratic engagement, culture, charity and education, as state the statuary aims "Democracy, Transparency and Peace" and to hold and manage companies.


The main goal of Poke's business activities was to provide a direct supply of work and basic nourishment for new and low-level players. One of the intended guide lines was for all of Poke's personal to rely on a steady income that allowed them to live off the products they help to grow, produce and sell until they reached enough experience to move on and pursue their life in The New World. The funding to this project was drawn from the revenue made from selling the goods. Though being able to pay salaries competing with companies in the field, the Poke companies aimed to make little or no income.

Economic Activities

The Poke Organizations held several specialized Q1 companies based in Munich. The main focus was the eGerman Food industry. PokeFood Bayern, a Q1 Food Company, PokeGrain and PokeFood, Q1 Food and Grain Companies, were fully owned by the associated Poke Company.

  • eGerman Q1 Food Company PokeFood Bayern

Poke Company, a limited partnership holding Organization - Visit the Poke Company in Game

  • eGerman Q1 Food Company PokeFood
  • eGerman Q1 Grain Company PokeGrain


Both newspapers were used merely for public relations and legal information about the respective business branch.