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Working and Earning

How to earn money.

Level 1

Job Market1.jpg

There will be a selection of jobs listed for you. It is recommended to choose the company of Natsu Natsumee who is responsible for student work. After you applied, your salary will be 35 JPY per day, which is much higher than the average salaries. The offer exists until you reach level 26.

  • Icon-adv-work.png Work!.

Click Apply and then click Work in the "My Places" center! Congratulations, you have earned your very first Wages!

  • Icon adv idle.png Review your choice.

You are contracted to work for your company for some days. However, you can (and should) leave immediately if they do not have any materials for you to work with or money to pay you with.

Level 2+

  • Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard worker Medal.

If you work 30 days, you gain a medal for your profile. Every medal you receive earns you 5 Gold - an amount many times a new citizen's wage!


If you work and train, you can apply the daily bonus, which means +1 Exp and +1 Str. If you work for 5 days in a row, you will be awarded by +5 Exp and +5 Str. It is one of the many reasons, why you should log on every day!

Super Soldier Medal

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier pop up.png

Super Soldier medal is awarded each time you reach 250 Strength from Training and Bonuses. Basically, you gain 6 Str per day so you will get the medal only monthly. That is why you should upgrade your free-training facility (Training Grounds), as soon as possible (it might be worth waiting for a discount though), because you will get Super Soldier medal quickly and that means faster gold income, and more powerful military power for your eNation.

Upgrading and Discounts

Like it was mentioned before, it is worth waiting for an upgrade discount before upgrading any facility. You will notice an advertisment-like box like the one illustration.