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Welcome to the eNorth Korea Portal • 북한에 포탈에 오신 것을 환영합니다

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North Korea (Korean: 북한) is a nation situated in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Its capital city, Pyongyang, lies in the north of the country, in the region called Pyongan. North Korea was added to the New World on 12 May 2009 and is thus the newest and most exciting nation in Asia, offering limitless opportunities for those who choose to settle on the wild frontiers of eRepublik.

Since real life North Korea is currently trapped in the 1950's, there are no actual North Koreans in eRepublik. So the majority of the population is made up of American and European migrants, with the first and only language being English. Unlike most new nations, it escaped the usual robberies and political sabotage performed by older established nations. This was only possible because of the brave heroics and organizational skills of Afanasiy Drago, who lead the Fires of Heaven and purged the Hungarian cancer from the land. Because of this, North Korea has a well functioning economy and government operating only for the benefit of North Korean settlers.
Current Government
President: WittErer

Vice President: MeiFawAn

Minister of Foreign Affairs: MeiFawAn

Minister of Defense: Kotobuki Nanase

President of the People's Bank of North Korea: Lejina

Minister of Health&Human Services: Kim Young

Minister of North Korean Education: Kriny
Selected article

The Drago Victory Phallus is a monument which was erected in the centre of Pyongang on the 17th of July 2009. The monument celebrates the return of 60,000 KPW which was stolen by a gang of Hungarian spies[?].

The spies had tricked congress into giving them this enormous sum of money, by posing as the security transport commonly used between the National Treasury and the People's Bank of North Korea[?].
After two months of tireless hunting, the spies were finally captured by a shadowy elite North Korean Military Squad. Their bodies were impaled up the rectum and set as macabre scarecrows in Kangwon to ward off any further incursions[?].

The entire sum of money stolen was returned and immediately used to fund the giant phallus, dedicated to President for Life Afanasiy Drago[?].
Selected biography

Afanasiy Drago (Born Day 524) was the President of North Korea, as well as Party President of City Party.

Drago quickly showed himself to be an organizational genius and lead the nation against the Hungarian lead PEACE PTO which attempted to loot and destroy the glorious nation of North Korea in it's infancy. He achieved the defeat of the PEACE forces while only being around one month old.

After securing Congress and the Presidency Drago also proved to be a great leader, shaping the prosperity of North Korea.
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In the news

  • City Party win 80% of Congress in the June 2009 Congress Elections, giving them a majority of 60% over the other three parties combined.
  • Afanasiy Drago is victorious in the Presidential Elections with a 76.26% landslide, gaining his second term as North Korean President.
  • The leadership of the three minor parties flee the country in a storm of alleged theft, vote rigging and split allegiances. City Party becomes even more dominant as a result, with a 96% Majority.
Did you know?
...that North Korea is the 60th nation in The New World?