Republic of China National Troops

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Republic of China National Troops(ROCNT)


General Information
Formation 8th of July 2011
Country Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Region Republic of China (Taiwan)
Commanded by reChing

The Republic of China National Troops are split into three military branches: one training branch (Celestial) and two combat branches(Stars, Lightning).


the ROC Stars

Each branch has it's own requirements for enlistment. Military personnel should have the required minimum influence or Strength inflicted with bare fists as follows:

Branch Strength Rank Influence Activity
Republic of China Celestial N/A N/A N/A Moderate
Republic of China Lightning N/A 750 N/A High
Republic of China Stars N/A N/A 500 High

Republic of China National Troops

The Republic of China National Troops is founded by Shirayuki Hotogi, since Serbia conquered Taiwan in World War V, the country military forces needs to be organized. The CP:plarq announced that 1st ROCNT will be founded.The 1st commander is Shirayuki Hotogi (at that time was the Minister of Defense) in day 1325.