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Coat-Republic of Moldova.png Flag-Republic of Moldova.jpg Seal Republic of Moldova.png
Ministry of Defence
Government of Republic of Moldova
Ministerul Apararii Moldova.png

"For Honor! For the Homeland! For Flag"

General Information
Country Republic of MoldovaRepublic of Moldova
Headquarters #MoD Moldova
Established December 2007
Newspaper Serviciul de Presa MApN
Part of Government of Republic of Moldova
Type Ministry
Minister(s) of Defence Land Storm IV

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is the government department responsible for implementation of government defence policy. The Ministry of Defence is one of the most important cabinet posts within the Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova.


The Ministers in the Ministry of Defence are as follows:

Minister Date Party Portfolio
Citizen1718831.png Stephan Condurachis July 5, 2018 Party-Delta Force.png Delta Force MoD
Citizen7780887.jpg NuRupeNik December 18, 2018 Party-Planeta Moldova.png Planeta Moldova MoD
Citizen7750533.png SteffanoS December 30, 2018 Party-Partidul Unitatii Nationale.png Partidul Unitatii Nationale MoD
Citizen3907036.png b.a.l.t.a.g.a January 4, 2019 Party-Partidul Unitatii Nationale.png Partidul Unitatii Nationale MoD
Citizen1718831.png Stephan Condurachis January 21, 2019 Party-Delta Force.png Delta Force vMoD
Citizen1898425.png Domnul Bogdan March 30, 2019 Party-Delta Force.png Delta Force MoD
Citizen1718831.png Stephan Condurachis May 7, 2019 Party-Delta Force.png Delta Force MoD
Citizen8019149.png Land Storm IV November 7, 2019 Party-Basarabia e Romania.png Basarabia e Romania MoD


  • The minister of Defence is in charge of the strategic direction of the Republic of Moldova.
  • The minister will need to communicate with the officers to give detailed reports to Congress on the readiness of all units of the military.
  • The minister will set the orders for the day in conjunction with the Prime Minister
  • The minister must attend all talks on military intelligence and be available for talks on future MPP’s.
  • The minister must have an active knowledge of the Republic of Moldova military and our current relations with other countries.
  • The minister must keep up to date the statistics of the fighters and the Military Units of the Republic of Moldova
  • The minister will regularly update and maintain the newspaper Serviciul de Presa MApN.

Military Units

Emblem Military Unit Founded on Commander Members
President Army of Moldova.png President Army of Moldova Day 1,209 Citizen2487481.png hsileamune 3
BASARABIA e ROMANIA.png BASARABIA e ROMANIA Day 1,252 Citizen1318734.png Acid Jazz 79
Party-Delta Force.png Delta Force Day 1,265 Party-Delta Force.png Nick Meis 38
Royal Guard of Moldova.png Royal Guard of Moldova Day 1,284 Citizen1405812.png vali2009 29
Zimbrii TMD.jpg Zimbrii TMD Day 1,298 Zimbrii TMD.jpg Grisha Bardiur 16
Haiducii Moldovei.png Haiducii Moldovei Day 1,373 Haiducii v2.png HAIDUC 2
Reg. National Stefan cel Mare.png Reg. National Stefan cel Mare Day 1,529 Citizen7780887.png NuRupeNik 3
D A C I I.png D A C I I Day 1,609 Citizen7467380.png Markuper 55
Legiunea Beretelor Verzi MD.png Legiunea Beretele Verzi MD Day 1,694 Citizen2858996.png Old Q 3
Acvilele si Zimbrii Moldovei.png Acvilele si Zimbrii Moldovei Day 1,752 Citizen5705615.png Bielo Hatman 15
Planeta Moldova MU.png Planeta Moldova Day 1,892 Haiducii Moldovei.png Citizen MD 114
Lenesii.png Lenesii Day 1,934 Citizen808251.png maxu0 5
Moldova.png Moldova Day 1,960 Citizen1488398.png simcris2210 1
Future Guard.png Future Guard Day 3,444 Citizen3907036.png b.a.l.t.a.g.a 3
Brothers in Arms.jpg Brothers in Arms - Moldova Day 3,471 Brothers in Arms.jpg Brother Mario 1
Bastarnae Warriors.png Bastarnae Warriors Day 3,763 Citizen5664932.png Joramd91 6
Airstrike.png AIRSTRIKE Day 3,943 Citizen9131389.png Pheamus 25
Ave Moldova.png AVE MOLDOVA Day 3,944 Citizen2972557.png Stanislaw Maciej 16
Tip Top.png TipTop Day 3,978 Citizen5125769.png Alexandru Barbarosie 1

Defence policy

Republic of Moldova has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nations:

This country doesn't have any mutual protection pacts at the moment.