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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Citizens may eat food in order to restore their health and prevent starvation. Amount of food citizens may eat is only constrained by how much health they stored up in their town center.

How to Eat

You can find the Eat Food button in the sidebar of your Profile, underneath the Health section. However, if you do not own any food then this message will say "buy food" instead.

What happens when I eat?

After clicking eat food button, food is removed from your storage until you have got your health as near as possible to 100 health points. First, your citizen will eat the highest quality food in your storage. If the highest quality food in your storage will make your health exceed 100, the next highest quality food unit will be eaten instead. This is repeated until either your health has reached its maximum, you have run out of food, or you have reached the limit of wellness you previously stored up.

Example: Your health is 90. You have 5 Q3 food and 2 Q1 food in your storage. One Q3 food (health rises from 90 to 96) will be eaten and two Q1 food (health rises from 96 to 100).

How much food can citizen eat?

This message appears if you try to eat on the battlefield when your limit is empty.
Main article: Rising:Residence

The amount of health that can be recovered by eating food depends on the level of town center building in a citizen's land. New citizens with a level one town center can recover 100 health every hour.

Once the limit is reached you will be able to eat again in one hour. The timer for your health limit increase will stop once you reached your town center's capacity and will be restarted once you consume at least one bread.

  • Note: As a compensation for the removal of work skill, citizens that were born before day 1,297 of the New World with a high enough work skill received either a +50 or +100 health building in their land. As a result, these citizens' recoverable wellness limit is higher than normal.

Once you reach your food limit, you will be required to wait an hour to receive another 100 health points.


This is only available in the sidebar. It will display the following information:

 If your health is below 100, you can eat the first food from your inventory in order to recover them. You can buy food from the marketplace. You can recover up to xxx/zzz health. Health left to recover: Y 
  • When there is 50 or less food that can still be consumed on the given day, an exclamation mark will be displayed above the button.
  • When no more food can be consumed (limit has been reached) the "Eat food" button will be disabled.

Cases when the button is disabled:

  1. If a citizen has already reached his/her limit
  2. If a citizen has 100 Health

NOTE: If a citizen has not reached health recover limit, and has no Food in the inventory, then the button will transform into a Buy Food button, which links to the Marketplace.

What are houses for?

Note: Houses can't be produced any more but houses in inventories will still remain functional!

The food will not count in the beginning of the day’s calculation of health. The only item which will be taken under consideration will be the first house from your inventory. For those of you who like math, let’s describe the amount of health given by the first house with H. At the beginning of each day, each citizen will lose/gain X health points.

Here is how X is calculated:

  • If you have <=10 health: X = H-1
  • If you have 10<health<=50: X = H-2
  • If you have 50<health<=80: X = H-3
  • If you have 80<health<=100: X = H-4

The amount of health given by the customization points of houses (the roof component of them) will be multiplied 5 (five) times. As an example, a Q5 house customized to give you maximum health now will give you 50 health per day.

If a citizen has more than one house in inventory, the attributes of the first house will be used.

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