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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

My Land.png A citizen can access his/her land from the main menu or from their profile page.

A citizen's land is comprised out of all the buildings created by the citizen.

Tip: You can access your land with SHIFT+L keyboard shortcut.

Land slots

Each building owned by a citizen required a land slot. Land slots can be received by purchasing certain buildings or they can be purchased for 1000 local currency.


Each building has its own characteristics. These characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  • a few buildings do not require the purchase of additional land slots;
  • some buildings can be upgraded;
  • other buildings' construction is required in order to finish certain missions.

Workplace, training grounds and storage

The links to your workplace, training grounds and storage.

The first slot is used to display the company you work for as an employee. Under it, you can see the quality of the products offered by that company. However, if you're unemployed, you will see a link to the job market. Next in line there is your Town center (and possibly health building). After town center, your training facilities are shown.

The rest lands are used by companies and storages you own. You can create or buy a company to the land spots with build sign. If you don't have any land free, you can buy new land by clicking the "for sale" land and it'll activate the "expand land" pop-up.

Hint: When you hover over companies, a toolbar will appear. By hovering over toolbar buttons, you will see tooltips explaining what the buttons do.

Working and training

You can work or train by clicking the graphical presentation of the building. If you have worked or trained already, you will see the results of the session.

Hint: You can resign from the company you work in by clicking the grey cross.

Land expansions

To create a company you need to press a land with "build" sign. You can buy new land by clicking "Buy land" field.
Buy land (Rising).jpg
Successfully bought land (Rising).jpg

To expand your land you must go to your my land page and click the "for sale" land. It cost 1,000 of the currency of your citizenship's country to create land, if you do not have enough it will inform you about this and make the "Expand" button inactive. Moving to another country won't change the currency, unless you get the citizenship of this country.

Unlike a company, there is no way to "destroy" a land, nor any way to sell it.

Build on empty land slots

To build, you have to click on land with a green panel with Build written on it. When you have successfully built or upgraded a building you will see popup notification that the action was successful.

Note: In order to build a building, you need to have free land. However, if you want to build a training facility, you don't need free land to build one. If you don't have any empty land slots from which you could get to the build page, you can click this link to get there.

Building types

To create a building, choose the building type:

Icon Building Type Description
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food Raw Materials This type of building produces Food raw materials, required for producing food
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon Raw Materials This type of building produces Weapon raw materials, required for producing weapons
Icon - Factories.png Factories This type of building produces weapons or food
Icon - Normal Storage.png Storage This type of building increases storage capacity
Icon - Climbing Center Q1.png Training facilities This type of buildings improves daily training. Note: No land is needed to build these.

Once the category is selected, a building can be created by clicking the building and pressing "Build" button.

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