Sir Nick Griffin

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Sir Nick Griffin

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Apr 01, 2010
Day 863 of the New World
Date of death 2014 (est)
Residence Yorkshire & Humberside
Sex Male
Faith None
Party president of United Kingdom Worker's Party
March 2011 – April 2011
Succeeded by Mini Munch
Party president of UK Progression Party
Congress member of United Kingdom
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**

Sir Nick Griffin was a citizen of the United Kingdom.


An active politician, Nick started his career as the founder of United Kingdom Worker's Party (UKWP), where he served as the first Party president and several times as the Party Vice President.

When UKWP was transformed into UK Progression Party in late 2011, Nick stayed in the party and ultimately gets elected 4 times as party president and several times was elected in the Congress of United Kingdom.

At the end of his career, he joined The Round Table party and takes a shot in becoming Prime Minister, however, he ends up 5th in the elections winning only 5 % of votes.