Social Democratic Party (South Africa)

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Social Democratic Party

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General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation SDP
Forum [1]
Founded 29 December 2010
Dissolved 14 February 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds United Democratic Alliance
Succeeded By United Democratic Alliance
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

The Social Democratic Party is a former South African party.

The party was renamed on on 14th February 2011 to the United Democratic Alliance, it's former name, but was run under the same leadership.

Party Policies

The party's policies have been kept for historic purposes.

Addressing Market Failures

The SDP values the great strengths of open, informed and competitive markets but believes that clear rules are necessary for markets to function fairly and efficiently and to reduce the effects of excessive speculation, unrestrained greed and unchecked market forces.

We do not believe that a fair and prosperous nation can be built by simply allowing individual self-interest to be given free rein, and we do not believe that the income distribution generated by markets should be regarded as natural or inherently just. We believe in the need for properly regulated markets to balance private incentive with public responsibility, to reflect the social obligations of all participants in a market economy, and to manage risk and foster productive investment.

Economic Recovery and Job Creation

The SDP believes that government should use the instruments of economic policy to actively support economic growth and foster job creation during times of economic difficulty. We are committed to supporting jobs, businesses and the eSouth African community through the tough conditions caused by the current economic situation. We are committed to measures that help citizens who lose their jobs to up skill and to increase their readiness for future employment. We are committed to strengthening the economy through nation-building public investments that can lift long-term productivity and growth.

Laying Foundations for Long-term Prosperity

The SDP is committed to building an economy that competes successfully in the global market for resources and manufactured goods. We believe that in the long-term, building an internationally competitive economy is the best way of creating quality jobs and protecting the living standards of all eSouth Africans. By building long-term prosperity we can also ensure that our nation is able to sustain high quality public services and a generous safety net for those in need.

Increased Security

Government has a fundamental obligation to safeguard our national security through times of war and other threats, defending our security when even the survival of our democratic nation is at risk. eSouth Africa tends to always face grave security threats involving political take-over or the loss of our regions. These threats must be confronted without resort to the manipulation of fear and political exploitation. In response to these threats the SDP is committed to increased engagement with our heighbors and ensuring that our defence force and security services are equipped to meet the challenges.


The SDP believes that all citizens are equal in their entitlement to dignity and respect. We cannot afford to waste the talent or potential of any citizen. We believe that government has a critical tole in ensuring equal opportunity in all aspects of eRepublik life; sufficient basic income and assets to provide financial security and quality of life for all citizens; income assistance during periods of unemployment, and support for training and re-entry to the workforce; universal social rights including the opportunity for fulfilling employment, quality education, universal health care and access to affordable housing; and a more equitable distribution of wealth and income.


The SDP is committed to giving all eSouth Africans the opportunity to achieve their potential and contribute to the community by being able to participate constructively in the life of the nation and the community. Every citizen should have access to employment, military training, education, housing, health care, welfare services, information and recreation, and to be able to exercise their political and legal rights.


The SDP believes that rights must be accompanied by responsibilities. Those responsibilities must be exercised by citizens toward each other and the community which supports them, by social and economic groups and organisations toward each other and the wider community, and by governments toward their own people, other governments and the wider international community.

Democracy and Freedom

The SDP values the freedom of all people to hold whatever beliefs they choose while respecting those of others, and the freedom to express those beliefs without fear or favour. We are committed to the essential democratic principle that every person should have the right to a say, directly or indirectly, in the decisions that affect his or her eRepublik life. We are committed to advancing new ways of governing that foster democratic participation and community involvement in decision making and public debate, giving opportunities for a voice in planning, the delivery of public services and other aspects of community life.

We believe that eSouth Africa should have a legal constitution which secures and enhances the democratic participation of all citizens in government, clearly defining the powers and responsibilities of the different arms of government, and with checks and balances between them.


As a nation we are at our best when we are working together for the common good. The SDP believes that government can play an important role in building stronger relationships at each level of our society. We are committed to a society in which every citizen is able to actively and productively participate in the life of the community, and the whole community responds sensitively to individual needs. We are also committed to the strong role played by community organisations in both helping individuals in need and in building a sense of community, and to a community that respects both the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

International Relations

The SDP believes that eSouth Africa's national interests are best protected and advanced by promoting peace and cooperation rather than confrontation and conflict. This includes a commitment to alliances with like-minded nations, cooperative international efforts to build a stronger and more stable global economy, our role in ensuring peace and stability in our own region, and encouraging cross cultural and cross national engagement with our neighbours and the global community.