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The following sentences are unreferenced/biased (in my humble opinion):

  • He was also one of the Pirate Lords (add as reference the Pirates of eRepublik page)

:::reference already exists on the page, fail to see why is it needed again

  • His title is Pirate Lord of Northwest Croatia

:::he had his own group of Pirates, after all he was banned for it. If he wishes to call himself Pirate Lord of NW Croatia, so what? I can write a newspaper article and make it official, eg. Space Project (Pakistani) which still exist on Wiki.

  • He's money was also stolen

:::Yes, he placed his money in the bank before going on RL holidays, when he came back all the money went missing... His protests and complains to Admin resulted (as usual) in... "we can not do anything". That was when he decided to start his Pirate group.

  • He was desperate because many people trusted in government but he was happy because of political shame for the party where were thieves

:::answer above

  • Because of him rules have been changed and citizens became more careful

:::Forum discussion, complaints... he believes lead to change of clarification on Wiki RE: contracts and black market

  • Interview sounds good.Also where's ePirates history book?
  • Unfortunately his desire about interview didn't come trough

::: he received an offer for an interview but was banned before interview took place, ... really an irrelevant statement.. who cares?

  • After his commander resigned he had a chance to became a commander but he refused

:::private forum, I have no access to, but considering on number of army units Croats have very possible... again who cares if he was offered or not the position in his army unit

  • He is famous for making erepublik maps

::: link already exists, perhaps not famous in the whole world.... but again his maps were much better that anything Erepublik provided at the time

  • He doesn't want to insult the readers so he makes jokes on both sides like in croatia-serbia relationship

:::a direct qoute from his newspapers... reffering to his "Parodies" which were posted on Youtube or whatever

  • Just before his arrest by authorities, Grgo printed more fliers and decided to drive with bike around city and paste them all around but when he logged in, it was too late. Also he gave up his account in another game and said to his friend "Here's password. I will now forgot about Ikariam and play only Erepublik. Rule with wisdom with our alliance." same day when he was banned but he didn't know that.

::his shouts and some newspaper comments left in other peoples newspaper articles point that he has been actively looking for people to join Erepublik. ...

The main idea: the whole article is NOT written with a neutral tone. Until someone invests time and energy to "fix" it, I suggest leaving the Unreferenced tag in place. --Belea2008 13:05, 5 October 2009 (UTC)

Considering amount of effort this person has placed in Erepublik, his claims go nowhere near the accolade or recognition he deserves.
His page is badly written, his English is poor. I have been trying to edit some of his grammar, but as he was active, did not wish to disturb his work on the page to much.
I have been involved with his development from the day he started in erepublik and even though I do not agree with his Pirate activities, and have spent time on chat discussing this with him. He eventually stopped most of stealing actions and has donated large sums to Red Cross etc...

As far as his claims of greatness go..., considering the amount of work he has placed into Erepublik producing 4 or 5 "Parodies" producing large number of Maps (see his newspapers) he should have been awarded 1 year Free membership to Erepublik. Instead, when his hard earned Gold was stolen and when he complained to Admin, he was told nothing can be done about it. So, he decided to do the same thing.. and was banned for it.

Also, I do not see point in slapping "Unreferenced" which has link to a non-existent Talk-page.

And if Grgo (a rose by any other name) does not return over next few weeks, I'll bring the page up to the standard (now that I have some info what you disagree with).----Hrvat User_talk:Hrvat 01:25, 8 October 2009 (UTC)

stolen from Belea's page:
""Also, as established on Sir Lewis's talk, a user's biography belongs to them."----Hrvat User_talk:Hrvat 01:34, 8 October 2009 (UTC)