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General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Abbreviation UeN
Forum [1]
President kartal61
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 seat 0%
Succeeded By Headless Chicken
Orientation Center-Left

United eNorway party had over a hundred members. It was succeeded by the Headless Chicken.


From July 08 Key points:

  • Healtcare
  • Economy
  • National
  • Foreign relations


In Norway there was a healthcare program existing of 2 hospital firms, one Q1 hospital producing and selling/deploying Q1 hospitals to foreign countries. This hospitals mail objective is to train more workers for our Q4 hospital firm that produce Q4 hospitals to better equip our country in times of war.

Aim is to continue this good work by supplying these firms with NOK for salaries as long as it’s needed.

Goal is that one day both Universal Healthcare Q1 and Q4 can produce hospitals for export to import more gold to this country.


Norway is one of the New World'srichest countries, with a a big surplus of gold and NOK in state treasury and gold surplus is rising each day thank to this governments export aid and its currency exchange.

This is something that should continue in the next period. Because of this surplus there’s no need to raise taxes, the taxes will be kept at the current level to ensure a continuous flow of NOK.


Norway is dormant because of this dreadful season also called summer, a lot of people take vacation (also from the web) to explore other countries or their own, this is something that affects every online game, even eRepublik. This is something that members of this party want to do something about, by recruiting new people to the New World and to continue this by alerting big newspapers, blog about the game and posting on forums. This term over 80 persons joined Norway, this is something we will work towards so our growth will be equal or better next term

Foreign relations

Norway is a part of an alliance called Northern Alliance of NA for short. Aim is to make our relationship with the other countries in the NA even better. As for now the alliance consist of these countries: Sweden, USA, UK, Romania, Ireland and Norway. Plan is to aid allies in defence and work together to make this strongest alliance.

There is a need to work towards creating new relationship and trade agreements with countries both within and outside the alliance.


United Norway, AKA Binary Party, was the main party in the times of the wars with both Russia and Finland.


Date Party president
December 2007
January 2008
February 2008
March 2008 Forconin
April 2008 Forconin
May 2008 Forconin
June 2008 Mendel
July 2008 Mendel
August 2008 Forconin
September 2008 Oddgeir
16 October 2008
16 November 2008 kartal61
16 December 2008