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Citizen page: Purohueso

Who I'm

I'm just I, a Chilean student, studying Astronomy, but with interest in a lot of areas. I've some interest in politics (that's way I play eR) and languages (I just can't understand words in Farsi, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew and Slavic languages [taking into consideration the official national languages on eR]). I've been playing eR since August 2008, and probably I will be here for many years.


Flag-Canada.jpg This user is a member of the
eRepublik Canada WikiProject.


  • Proposal for a Chilean newspaper list: Sandbox1
  • Working on a part of the Canadian wikiproject: Sandbox2

It's possible that these sandbox doesn't contain actually what it's said, because I won't actualize this so often to not spam my contribution list and the recent changes page, ;)

To-do list

  • Work on Partido Liberal Renovado's page
  • Work on my own citizen page
  • Translate important pages to Spanish, that haven't been translated already.
  • Check and fix bad translations in Spanish
  • Develop more Chile/Congress Elections and its subpages.
  • Work over the history of Chile Unido: all the parties and some investigation
  • Work on MAS's history
  • Translate Chilean pages that haven't been translated still
  • Create a good to-do list (recursiveness..., run, a black hole, :O)
  • Create a Chilean wikiproject this month, :P

The points are not in order. Also, in cursive are the ones that I'm working on right now.