Western Siberia

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Western Siberia

Icon-Russia.png Russia

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Western Siberia
Map of the region
Capital Novosibirsk
Residents 222
Visitors 205
Language Russian
Moving zone A4
Resources Icon - Aluminum.png Icon - Oil.png
Icon - Saltpeter.png Icon - Rubber.png

Last update: August 18, 2019

Western Siberia is a region in Russia and its capital is Novosibirsk. Originally region was called West Siberian Region an it was often referred to by using an abbreviation WSR.


The region used to be considered to be the most valuable region in all of the New World. Possessing Iron, Oil, and Wood, there have been epic battles for this region. In May 2008, it was conquered by Norway as a result of the Norway-Russia War, and then later captured by. Romania. In March 2009, it was taken by Indonesia during the First Romania-Indonesia War. It was then recaptured by Romania and once again conquered by Indonesian forces on May 15th, 2009. Western Siberia was liberated from Indonesia and returned to Russian control on October 27th, 2009. During Rising, Western Siberia was conquered by the USA and then swapped to Poland. But later was liberated by the Russian Resistance forces.


Western Siberia is neighbored by the following regions:


The following table lists the known mayors of the region in chronological order:

Date elected Mayor Party
21 June 2008 Zhu De Nationalist Party of Norway
21 July 2008 unknown
21 August 2008 unknown
21 September 2008 Zhu De Nationalist Party of Norway