4th (US) Infantry Division

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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

4th Infantry Division

4th US Army Division Logo.png

Steadfast and Loyal

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Type Infantry Division
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of United States Army Group East

The 4th Infantry Division was a unit of the United States Army and later United States Army Group East. The Fourth Division Motto was "Steadfast and Loyal".

United States Army

The Fourth Division was a division of the United States Army. The Fourth Division has turned up some of the best officers currently in the Army, including former Army XO Lt. General Tremaine, who served as CO of the Fourth Division, Commander of the Army NXNW, who succeeded Tremaine's position, and Army Executive Officer Jameson L. Tai, who served as Fourth Division XO.

The Fourth Division, in the United States Army, was last under the command of Aang Airbender with Jason the Great as his Executive Officer.

United States Army Group East

On the 12th February, 2010, the United States Army was split into three branches, and 4th Division was transferred to the newly created United States Army Group East.

The Fourth Division was last under the command of Lieutenant Colonel TK421 and his XO Captain Athanis.

United States Cavalry

On the 30th June, 2010, as a result of the rebranding of Army Group East as the United States Cavalry, the 4th Infantry Division was transferred and redesignated the 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Past Commanders