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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Holding Costa Blanca
Logo of Holding Costa Blanca
Owners luisjo, Lint, maikeco & maltus, among others
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Subsidiaries A ti te pagamos mas, Empresa de armas, Burger President, Munecas Hinchables, Iron Firm, Empresa de grano
Founders luisjo, maltus & Atrapa
Industries Manufactures, Raw Materials, Media
Products moving tickets, weapons, food, gifts, iron, grain
Services newspaper

Holding Costa Blanca was one of the biggest holdings in the Spanish Switzerland economy. It was created in August 2008 by luisjo, maltus and Atrapa, in order to produce moving tickets. Progressively it was increasing its owners and its companies, and by now it produces all types of manufactures. Usually around 60 players work in its companies.

Corporate History

Holding Costa Blanca was created by luisjo, maltus and Atrapa during August 2008. The main purpose was the creation of a large company in the spanish moving ticket sector. During those days, moving tickets were one of the most profitable industries in eRepublik, mainly because of the existence of a very low demand for travels. It generated that, in each country, there were very few companies.

Holding Costa Blanca created the company "A ti te pagamos mas", and started to hire employees in huge quantities, offering typically wages over the market. This strategy was plenty of sense in the days of the beta-version of eRepublik, because more employees meant a higher productivity. A ti te pagamos mas was even the company of the world with more employees during some weeks.

The huge number of employees working there allow to supply moving tickets with very low prices. Competition in the market increased, and moving tickets were transformed in one of the cheapest products in the Spanish market. For instance, in 4th of June 2008, the price of a moving ticket was 57.78 ESP. In 17th of September, after the introduction of A ti te pagamos mas in the market, the price had dropped until 8.87 ESP (see prices).

Subsidiary Companies

Products Companies

Raw materials Companies



Holding Costa Blanca consists of the following partners:

among others