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Joe Franco

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth October 6, 2009
Residence Jerusalem district
Sex Male
Newspaper Hardtalk with Joe Franco
President of Israel
June 2012 – July 2012
Congress member of Israel
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Icon history.png History

The Early Days

Born on the 6th of October 2009. The country he started his journey was Venezuela. The reason?

He stayed wondering in South America. His first fights, and first companies etc.

In those days, as the older citizens will still remember, the admins justified contracts between players. These contracts were quite popular among Bankers and people conducting business.

After a few months, he started to buy gold, to buy higher level companies, and 6 months later with about 18 organizations and about 30 to 35 companies later he accumulated quite an amount of gold.

Mainly because of the daily workload he sold most companies, and started a bank. Which at certain point, became one of the biggest banks in the New World. With the contracts still in place, he doubled amount of gold by lending out gold, which other clients deposited.

He was living in The Netherlands, and in the USA at that time, but also a short time in Israel. Again he tripled amount of gold on the stock market at that time. Total wealth was about 17 thousand gold, but because of all that wealth searching, he hardly had any military experience nor a high rank.

The Later Days

The change came when the admins decided to cancel the legalization on contracts.

At that time he was a resident of South Africa with a of gold but no further goal.

He always followed the news and current events in Israel. As was subscribed to many Israeli newspapers and one day send a msg to an older Israeli about his article. This player is actually responsible for his trip to Israel.

His name is: Jewyoyo;

He packed bags, gold, orgs and companies and traveled to the country of Israel.

Icon-art-of-warfare.gif Military Activity

The day he became a Icon rank God of War.png God of War was a memorable event. It was in a battle against Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Fyrom, while fighting for Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus.

Achievements: A few times member of Congress; two RW medals when they were still hard to achieve and a few hundred battle/campaign hero medals.

Some of the Military Units he was member of: INCI International of Cyprus (epic MU with 9 or 10 GOW's inside) and eIDF - Sayeret Matkal. Liberated with Zervakus and Internacional.

Icon position party member.gif Political Activity

Although he has been involved in national politics quite frequently, HE was mostly an Advisor of the President. Presidents such as Gavin Wax, Perfect.Knight, matan9010, Sidewinder and Octavius. The main focus was always based on International politics.

Star Alliance

STAR alliance logo

STAR Alliance was an alliance created by Joe Franco and Gavin Wax in Israel. The alliance was founded on November 12th, 2010 (day 1,088 of the New World) and it was specially designed for the interests of the smaller countries. A lot of smaller countries (Israel, India and Cyprus) were interested.

STAR alliance never really launched because of shifting country presidents, and a war between 2 members.

Greek Period

At a certain period, he changed CS and became a proud citizen of the Greek Empire. Not have he made good friends with a lot of Greeks, he also learned a lot of their military systems. He became a honorable member of the HOPLITE PHALANX and won some crucial battles for the Greeks.

Cyprus Period

Not so long ago, end of 2011, he moved to Cyprus for a certain amount of weeks to join the INCI International, for several reasons. Not in the last place to make some very good friends. An amazing experience to be in a unit full with the top players of eRepublik.


Perhaps bold and blunt, but Israel would not be a member of EDEN if he was not invited by EDEN HQ to sit in their meetings last year. Due of his presence in EDEN HQ, Octavius Julius (one of best Israel CP's ever) was able to push Israel into full membership. On Octavius own merits, he became first EDEN SC ever.

1st presidency of Israel

Avatar of all Israel on day 1693

He assume after the impeachment of ArikAharon. During his first mandate, Israel grow in exponential level, conquer Eastern Province, Abu Dabi and Dubai.

The victories he had before, give him an easy victory in the elections for a second mandate, with more than 75% of the votes.

On day 1,693 (July 9, 2012), health problems make him ask for an impeachment. Unable to join the game for at least a week, he prefer to give the government to Sergeant Autumn, instead of living the state acephalous.

All Israel organize, for day 1,695 (11:00 eRepublik time), a Joint Attack in his name. He had one of the most expansive and honor presidency in Israel soil.

There were a lot of articles with good wishes to Joe[1][2].

He was later a member of Am Israel Chai where he served multiple times as the vice president of the party.

Wiki Link blackbook.jpgJoe-ism

  • Politics is a pity excuse for not being a warrior!
  • If it wasn’t for our foreign MPP’s (read our brothers in Greece) the only Israel politicians would be ruling, would be the rubber boat floating in the Mediterranean Sea called “Israel”.
  • The Israeli terminology just before a massive attack on the enemy has been changed to: Joe-Akbar!
  • Know when you can fight and when not, will lead to a blue bar on the "right" side.
  • Know your and the enemies cumulative hitpower before any war!
  • It'll be a great day in Israel when the IDF gets all the money it wants and the politicians have to hold a lottery!
  • Playing Erepublik should be relaxing and fun, in Israel it seems like a daily continuing educational program.
  • The harder I try to stay away from local politics, the harder I get dragged into the smelly pool of politics.
  • On the question of why so many identical projects are started every election, over and over again without any success, I would answer you that in general the average erepublik player due of his or her age, has a attention span similar of a goldfish.
  • During the attacks on Saudi-Arabia since the 5th of march, my good friend Rhodesknight asked me if I knew the plans of Israel. I could only answer him in all honesty, its a completely mystery to me, "I'm just a silly warrior".

Government offices
Preceded by
34th President of Israel
June 11, 2012 - July 10, 2012
Succeeded by
Sergeant Autumn