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Open Minded Germany

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General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation OMG
Forum [1]
Colors blue
Founded 01/11/08
President GeBe
Members 710
Congress Occupancy 9 / 40 (22 %)
Succeeds Christlich Demokratische Union
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Open Minded Germany (OMG) was founded in December 2008 by Lhasa and was the third German party founded after the German Independence War from November 20, 2008. The OMG is the largest party in population in eGermany today and is one of the major political parties in Germany.


In the beginning the party was called Christlich Demokratische Union founded by Kbot. Due to problems Kbot was enduring due to the implementation of V1, he went inactive. Lhasa took over the party and renamed the party Open Minded Germany to engage the different point of view of the "Swedensituation" and how Germany achieved "freedom". Lhasa laid the platform and tradition of "Open Mindedness" accepting all members regardless of their politics and view points.


After all German parties ended up in Austria after the Third Sweden-Germany War the OMG was recreated in Germany by Gobba and is currently one of Germany's biggest parties. After the annihilation of Germany by Poland in World War IV it was reestablished again.

Party Manifesto

We are truly unlike any other parties in Germany. We refused to define our politics with the political spectrum. Our party is not align politically left or right or the center. Instead of being champions of the left or the right, we championed only Germany and its citizens. Therefore, we welcome all regardless of your politics. We are members from all tracks of life, new, experienced, soldiers, businessmen/women, politicians, native German, non-native citizens left or right... together to debate ideas and issues embracing the best from all sides of the argument and make them into policies.

Therefore, we are unlike the other parties which restricts their policy due to political alignment. Also we do not believe in engaging partisan politics with other parties as it is unhealthy for Germany as a whole. We encourage rational political discourse and that we make policies based on only the argument and not some other reason. It is our responsibly and we must act in the best interest of Germany.

Why to join OMG?

OMG encourages all Germans to join them as they welcome all German citizens to join and be active in politics. Germany is their nation and OMG is a voice of German citizens. OMG is always looking for new members and to help them out in anyway possible. Join OMG to usher in united and rational Germany.

OMG encourages all German citizens to join the nation's forum.

To have access to the OMG forums, you need to:

  • Have an account in the German forum.
  • Go to User Control Panal
  • Select Usergroup
  • Select party_OMG


A list of OMG presidents.

Year Month President Mandate Congressmen
2008 November Lhasa 1st  ???
2008 December Lhasa 2nd  ???
2009 January Lhasa 3rd  ???
2009 February Lhasa 4th  ???
2009 March Lhasa 5th  ???
2009 April Gobba 1st  ???
2009 Mai Gobba 2nd  ???
2009 June Gobba 3rd 19 / 40
2009 July Gobba 4rd 6 / 40
2009 August Gobba 5rd 9 / 20
2009 September Konrad Neumann 1st 13 / 40
2009 October Konrad Neumann 2nd 10 / 40
2009 November Konrad Neumann 3rd 9 / 40
2009 December Konrad Neumann 4th 10 / 40
2010 January ---(1) ---(1) ---(1)
2010 February Konrad Neumann 5th 7 / 20
2010 March Alex Drex 1st 11 / 40
2010 April Alex Drex(2) 2nd 6 / 40
2010 May Letnix 1st 7 / 42
2010 June Donnie Bronco 1st 6 / 40
2010 July GeBe 1st 11 / 40
2010 August GeBe 2nd 9 / 40
2010 September Moritz von Sachsen 1st - / 40
2010 October Raidoh 1St 11 / 40
2010 November Raidoh 2nd 11 / 30
  • (1)Germany was conquered by Poland for a few days so all parties became polish. For the January congress election there were two "unity-parties". Re-establishing of the old parties began in February.
  • (2)Alex Drex resigned as PP during his second term. Meanwhile Justin Tyme was the reigning Party president.