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Badge - Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw.jpg I, Daniel Parker, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, hereby award Konrad Neumann the title of
Officer in the Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw for political dedication to our country.
Ribbon - Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw - Officer.png
Badge - Orde van Oranje Nassau.jpg I, Daniel Parker, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, hereby award Konrad Neumann the title of Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau for civil contributions to our nation. Ribbon - Orde van Oranje Nassau - Officer.png

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Dead citizen

Konrad Neumann

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Apr 17, 2008
Day 149
Date of death Apr 2017 (est)
Sex Male
Newspaper Better Tomorrow
Minister of Interior of Netherlands
June 25th 2010 – July 25th 2010
Preceded by Mattio
Succeeded by Shakerr
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands
May 2010 – June 2010
Preceded by Yasupa
Succeeded by Matt Johnson
Congress member of Netherlands
May 2010 – June 2010
President of Germany
January 2010 – March 5th 2010
Preceded by Donnie Bronco
Succeeded by MachtGeil
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany
November 2009 – January 2010
Served under Donnie Bronco
Preceded by Myrilia
Succeeded by tmv23
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany
August 2009 – November 2009
Served under The German Eagle
Congress member of Germany
August 2009 – January 2010
Party president of Open Mind Germany
August 2009 – March 2010
Preceded by Gobba
Succeeded by Alex Drex
Ambassador to UK of Germany
July 2009 – February 2010
Succeeded by Peter Lankton
Ambassador to the United Netherlands of Germany
September 2009 – February 2010
Succeeded by Frank811
President of Germany
January 6th, 2011 – January 19th, 2011
Preceded by Raidoh
Succeeded by slayer10
Ambassador to Australia of Germany
? – 7 November 2009
Succeeded by tmv23
Party president of Open Mind Germany
January 2012 – February 2012
Preceded by Abes182
Succeeded by bernhardms
February 2013 – March 2013
Preceded by bernhardms
Succeeded by Kalif Batan
Military unit Olympus Belgicae
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Staff sergeant 0.png Staff Sergeant

Konrad Neumann, "the Duke of Northern Netherlands" was a Icon-Germany.png German and Icon-Germany.png Netherlands political philosopher, politician and a patriot. He held the position of President, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador, Congressman, and was the Party president of Open Mind Germany. Konrad was pronounced dead March 2011, was brought back to life by Prophexy on day 1345 (27 July 2011). He stopped playing for real sometime in first half of 2017.

He was also citizen of Icon-USA.png USA, Icon-Belgium.png Belgium and Icon-UK.png UK.


Early Life

Konrad was born in the New Jersey in Icon-USA.png USA. Konrad was born into a modest family. At times, it was hard to secure food; therefore, he worked everyday on minimum wages. Working everyday even on the weekends allowed him to get promotions and a pay raise and soon money was not a concern for him. Tired of the Garden State, he moved to Hawaii and enjoyed the sunny weather. Konrad decided to join America's Advancement Party but never get involved in politics. Konrad while being born in the US he became homesick and decided to go back to Germany where he feels a sense of belonging. Sadly the war started.

Third Sweden-Germany War

During the first days of the war, Konrad moved to Schleswig-Holstein in hopes to defend it against the Icon-Sweden.png Swedish invasion. Despite doing his best, the German was unable to resist the Swedish advance which out numbers and out gun the German defenders. Konrad then moved to Northern Ireland and used his newspaper as a tool to help the German effort. In the UK he befriended many UK citizens who was against the war. During his time in the UK, he joined The Unity Party he studied the political workings of party politics and UK politics in general. It was Mr Woldy who taught Konrad how to be good in the political game.

During his time in the UK, he wrote many news articles in support for Germany. It was that time, he met many key German figures who became friends. He met MortenLond, Gobba, Rotfuchs, Moritz von Sachsen, any many more. Konrad's articles made him well known in UK as well as in Germany as well.

In his defense of Germany, Konrad even criticized the US government under Scrabman as well as the UK government for their support of the Swedes and the Poles in their conquest. Konrad's most famous article was when he denounce the UK government sending Paratroopers to Brandenburg to aid the Polish forces against the PEACE liberation efforts of Germany. The article was so powerful that the UK government quickly wrote a response to my paper trying to justify their actions; however, most UK citizens were outraged at their government.

Moving to Germany

After PEACE successfully kicked Icon-Sweden.png Swedes and Icon-Poland.png Poles out of Icon-Germany.png Germany, Konrad decided to move to Germany. He first moved to Brandenburg and Berlin before moving to Saarland due to the Q5 hospital. After writing a new player guide for new citizens, he decided to run for Congress. When he ran for congress in July 2009, he failed to win due to the Polish Takeover Unit. They PTOed the nation and fearing that Germany will lose moral, he continued to write motivational articles to boost moral.

During this time, Konrad learned that the ambassadorship to the Icon-UK.png UK was opened and he took advantage to it and became the German ambassador to the UK. There he continued to work with the UK government and its citizens to promote Anglo-German relations.

By August, the PTU failed in their objectives and abandoned their takeover attempts. Konrad moved back to Brandenburg and ran for Congress again and won with a mandate of 9 votes. Later that same day, President The German Eagle made him the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

By September Konrad learned that Gobba will not seek reelection as the Party president. Konrad decided to run and he became party president of OMG. He quickly energized the party by creating a party organization and newspaper. He also brought back one of his best friend MortenLond back from political retirement. Konrad made him vice president of the party and they worked together with many other friends like Donnie Bronco, omg_87, and Moritz von Sachsen and made OMG the largest party tied with the PPD in the September 2009 congressional election.

During The German Eagle administration Konrad worked with TGE and Mr Woldy on the Frankfurt Treaty which is a treaty that made UK and German intelligence, ATO, and defense more centralized. The treaty pledged that UK and Germany will defend each other to the best of their ability in all situations. Under Donnie Bronco's presidency, Konrad was promoted to the position of MoFA. During the same time, PEACE was falling and Konrad helped with the creation of Phoenix. Konrad advised Donnie as the founders draft the Phoenix constitution. During the time when Konrad was at the helm of the MoFA, Germany's embassy expanded to many nations which Germany did not have a presence in.

After Donnie's administration, Konrad was elected as the President. During this time, Germany was at war and when Konrad took office, Germany only had 3 regions left. Within 4 to 5 days whole Germany was conquered. Konrad Neumann realized that German and Polish anger and hatred is unhealthy for both nations and worked to reduced tension by doing an interview for a Polish newspaper as well as an official presidential message which called for respect on both sides.

Konrad with Donnie worked day and night on the liberation of Germany. On day 792, Phoenix launched a huge resistance war effort all over Poland and allow us to secure Saarland and Bavaria. Then he focused on rebuilding Germany by building a Q5 hospital in Saarland. Konrad had the honor to name the hospital Lhasa Memorial Hospital honouring the German war and societal hero Lhasa. Konrad also decided to close MPP with UK when he ended the conflict with Poland. Konrad continued to support UK via Bundeswehr and other ways. This decision was controversial with many Germans especially the babies, company owners, and the SPeD especially Nymphe. Despite the controversial decision, Konrad was reelected as the President in February 2010 by a large margin.

Konrad's second term was more quiet than first. Konrad tried to secure training wars but was unable to secure one until the end of his term. He looked into Sol games but the cost of at least Icon-gold.gif 280 GOLD a month was too much and unrealistic. He made a gamble with the MPP with Icon-Turkey.png Turkey which did not bear fruit. The last few days, Konrad worked hard to secure a MPP with Icon-Russia.png Russia. Russian President Romool was hesitant at first but at the end he was able to secure one. Also in the second term, the public became divided over the creation of the notenbank. Konrad was not against the principle of the notenbank but he was against the idea that Congress vote in and out the people operating the notenbank. Konrad believed that the Notenbank should be independent from the gov and congress. The bank should be apolitical.

When Konrad's second term was over, he did not seek a third term. Instead he continued his journalism passion, continuing the Better know a _________ series. Also he was a minister/Executive Adviser to MachtGeil as well as Germany's representative in Phoenix. Konrad did not run for reelection for the OMG PP election and was happy that Alex Drex became the new Party President. Konrad was alarmed and dismayed by the German political discourse especially with some members of the SPeD/KPeD-PPD coalition and wrote an article Democracy is a Lie and Elites Run Rampant which argued that there is not true Democracy in Germany and in eRepublik but a different system called Polyarchy (many rule). Also in that article, Alex criticized SPeD/KPeD-PPD attacks on OMG and Die Steinmetze as Elites and that Elites are bad by saying that government and congress itself is a societal sanctioned elites. Konrad decided to run for congress again in Bavaria.

Moving to Netherlands

Konrad was not happy in Germany. He faced many attacks and threats during this time since he supports diplomacy to deal with the Gobba gold scandal. He did not want to use force before diplomacy is used first. This was a no brainer for Konrad. However, many Germans especially the young Germans, screams for blood. Some even made threats. This really made Konrad disappointed. The issue of the official language of German also became a source of sorrow for Konrad. Konrad cannot speak German that well and to have congress declare German as the official language and that English is to be tolerated or used only when needed was disappointing for Konrad since it was hard to communicate and it seems like a form of discrimination, weakening or alienate non-German speakers. Due to so many issues popping up at once, Konrad moved to the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands to cool off and relax.

During this time the friendly peoples of the Netherlands invited Konrad to join them. Many parties invited Konrad to join them as well. Parties like the LSD, GLD, LP and the I&W all expressed great interest to have Konrad in their ranks. Konrad was in a dilemma in which he does not want to disappoint anyone. However, at the end he decided to join the GLD with his great friends Frerk, Trinc and Yasupa. Also during this time, Konrad proposed the Dual Citizenship idea which was popular in Germany, making it the last bill that Konrad wrote and voted on as an German Congressman. On Day 875, Konrad moved to the Netherlands and hope he can relax and enjoy wearing his new wooden clogs. Currently a congressman in Northern Netherlands.

Moving to Back to Germany

After a while Dutch society became dull and it adopted a non-democratic and elitist (ontological) system of forming government, at the same time Gobba's gold crisis was resolved, Konrad decided to return back to Germany, his home. He become a member of KSK III.

Famous / Special Articles by Konrad Neumann


This is Konrad's list of friends and his notes about each of them:

  • MortenLond One of the coolest person on eRep.
  • Gobba One of the best leaders in the New World. His map is the best
  • William Cummins RL friend that Konrad invited to play eRep
  • Mr Woldy Teacher of politics and one of the most brilliant politician of our time
  • Myrilia She is Konrad's boss... no choice
  • Frerk A really cool and nice Dutchman
  • Trinc Another cool Dutchman and an ambassador too
  • Donnie Bronco Really nice guy and a great helper
  • omg_87 He really likes Hesse
  • The German Eagle He gave Konrad the job of Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany and he never sleeps
  • Moritz von Sachsen A cool guy from Saxony
  • Vaclav He just do.
  • Elena Nova Super nice and super talented. Just one word to describe her... Wunderbar!!!!!
  • Alex Drex One of the best ambassadors I know
  • Iain Keers Cool dude from the eUK
  • Dncelyn A brave and noble hunter of the Magic Hot Air Balloon
  • Herrn Sterling Cool USA ambassador who became great online friend. He spell Herr wrong hehe.
  • GeBe Cool dude from Bremen and a friend of MortenLond so as the saying goes, a friend of a friend is my friend?
  • MachtGeil Yes Comrade
  • Johnobrow Konrad have too many commie friends.
  • Kravenn A really nice Belgian in eUK.
  • DisLex So much passion from this guy with a great heart.
  • Moua Mim French Ambassador, French MoFA, Not French RL
  • KylePR He likes getting !op on IRC
  • illithian Obsessed with Supremacy 1914.
  • Dejan Vojvoda Really talented MoFA.
  • tmv23 He would cry if I do not add him... -.- | I really think he is cool and I enjoy working with him.
  • Myers11 Cool UNLer
  • NDA1 Konrad loves his articles.
  • Ban Danna One of the best politicians I know.
  • Yasupa Meep!!! \o/
  • honderdjaar Hounderdjaar Oud O.O
  • Higter Bayern des samma mia
  • Mitch Rapp All hail the commander in chief o7
  • slayer10 Is he willing to pay 10 gold to be on this list?
  • Markus Scierski Best MoD I know. Facebook buddy xD
  • Daniel Dimow He supports my articles
  • Coolissport Best Father and cool friend in eNL
  • Der Sterling Herrn Sterling part
  • Kixtart The coolest duck in the world \o/
  • Tim Veltkamp Timmy, my favorite Trekkie
  • Boyan Carebears FTW :)
  • Yaren6 Germany's Catboy \o/ Meow!!!!!
  • Daniel Parker Give me more medals NAO!!!!
  • Monsieur Guillontine the first friend who asked to be on the list
  • Prophexy eJesus, resurrect the dead back alive...
  • MaryamQ one of the nicest, closest and longest friends of Konrad, did I mention Konrad is MaryamQ's son
  • Mr. Wonka One of Mr. Wonka's closest friends is Konrad and also it is is edad


This is a list of Achievements:

The following is a list of the in-game achievements that Konrad Neumann has earned:

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x1)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x87)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x46)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x3)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x2)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x34)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x5)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x230)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x15)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x7)
for Open Mind Germany


List of selected avatars used by Konrad: