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Logo of Utbildningsverket
Owner Sweden
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Headquarters Svealand
Subsidiaries Mentor Sverige
Founded 29th of April 2009
Founder Graytuna
Services Support for New Players, education.

Utbildningsverket (abbreviated UV) is the ministry of education in Sweden. The organisation was founded in 2009 and provides services and help for new citizens. The work of the ministry is led by the Swedish minister of education.



Congressman Graytuna walking with his stab towards the eSwedish congress with the proposition of "Utbildningsverket" . It was later voted for in congress with 100% Yes votes by the eSwedish congress of April 2009

Historically, organisations such as Mentor Sverige had provided support for new players in Sweden, but such work before the creation of was not funded by the state or taking place on a state-level. Congressman Graytuna started to work on a proposition suggesting the creation of a new ministry to work with new players. The work on this took a copuple of months, with the final proposition being presented to the congress of eSweden discussion. The proposition was later approved in congress and the creation of Utbildningsverket followed soon afterwards, with Jbmalin as the first minister of education.

Past Projects

Ever since the foundation of Utbildningsverket many ministers and governments have helped the department increase its efficiency. Utbildningsverket have consisted of many various programs, such as Matprogrammet, Vapenprogrammet and was also assigned to hand out moving tickets to soldiers in the Swedish Military.


Following the presidential elections of December 2013, Utbildningsverket getting restarted. Graytuna has returned to Utbildningsverket as Minister of Education with Rakarna as Deputy Minister of Education to get the ministry going again.