War Inc.

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War Inc.

War Inc.png

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/V68VB9F

General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Region USA
Colors Black and Gold
Total Soldiers 241
Commanded by jadiv
2nd Dave Brinkman
Commanders nononever
1st Regiment Captain Korith
2nd Regiment Captain Edelmann
6th Regiment Captain Leon Scott Kennedy.
7th Regiment Captain Elena Claudia
8th Regiment Captain George Barker
9th Regiment Captain exdop jr
10th Regiment Captain Hrrvat
11th Regiment Captain clerica

WAR INC. is a group of soldiers that are not to be reckoned with.

WAR INC is under the supervision of jadiv and his Second in command - Cubby.

Together they run a heavy hitting group of soldiers that are dedicated to fight in battles that deserve justice and is loyal the the USA.


SEAL Team 6, the US Military and the US Marines has merged together to become a Powerful MU, WAR INC.

WAR INC has been in the lead over all other US MUs in damage given week by week, not taking any names or giving any chances. Just doing a days work of the most damage we can.


General Lieutenant General
jadiv Cubby

Icon skill strength.gifTop 5 Strength

Country Name Strength
Icon-USA.png USA George Barker 393,110
Icon-USA.png USA eliberator 389,462
Icon-USA.png USA darksrevan 387,885
Icon-USA.png USA jadiv 383,531
Icon-USA.png USA nononever 382,496

Icon rank Legends.pngTop 5 Military rank

Country Name Military rank
Icon-USA.png USA Clorox II Legends of USA: Gnilraps Battalion XX
Icon-Germany.png Germany Edelmann Legends of Germany: VETERATOR Battalion XX
Icon-USA.png USA George Barker Legends of USA: Gnilraps Battalion XX
Icon-USA.png USA Elena Claudia Legends of USA: Gnilraps Battalion XX
Icon-USA.png USA nononever Legends of USA: Gnilraps Battalion XX

Air chief marshal 5.pngTop 5 Aircraft rank

Country Name Aircraft rank
Icon-USA.png USA cyber1demon Air commodore 2.png Air Commodore**
Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands Floatees Air commodore 1.png Air Commodore*
Icon-USA.png USA Elena Claudia Air commodore 1.png Air Commodore*
Icon-Germany.png Germany Edelmann Air commodore 1.png Air Commodore*
Icon-USA.png USA nononever Air commodore 1.png Air Commodore*