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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Apr 05, 2009
Residence USA
Political party The Seed
Newspaper The Meaning of RAWR
Military unit War Inc.
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend I
Aircraft rank Wing commander 3.png Wing Commander***


Cubby was born on Apr 05, 2009 in Alabama, USA Icon-USA.png . Shortly after joining, Cubby was fortunate enough to meet a player who would become his unofficial mentor, Joshua Hoss. Joshua got him started on his life in the eUS Military by directing him to the Training Division, and guided him in the game.


Cubby's newspaper The Meaning of RAWR focuses on the activities of his Military Unit.

Military Career

Cubby created 2nd (US) Combat Division of SEAL Team 6, he is currently a soldier in War Inc.

Political Career

Although he is a military man, Cubby managed to be elected in Congress fifty-one times.


Hard Worker Medal (121x)
Super Soldier Medal (1004x)
Resistance Hero (14x)
Battle Hero (x155)
Campaign Hero (x6)
Congress Member (x51)
Mercenary (x13)
True Patriot (x620)