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This is a binding contract between Canada and the United States, herein forming the Brolliance.

Contract:Brolliance Contract
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.



1. To cement for as long as possible the bromance between the countries of the United States (herein referred to as "the US") and Canada, and lead to a meaningful, lasting and completely heterosexual relationship.
2. To prevent any man or woman from getting between our love.


1. Canada and the US may not declare war against each other, neither by a presidential declaration, nor by using the Chain Reaction technique, unless both Presidents agree to waive this term for a specified length of time by notice in this contract thread.
2. Neither country may take possession of the other's currently held territory, unless both Presidents agree to waive this term on a region by region basis in this contract thread.
3. Both countries agree to never give up on each other, never let each other down, and never run around or desert one another.
4. The length of this Alliance shall be 1234 days from the day that this contract is signed by the presidents of both Canada and the US.
5. The contract becomes valid when it is signed by the presidents of Canada and the US


If either party breaks the first or second term of this agreement without that term having been waived, they will pay 12345 gold to the treasury of the other party. The party who must pay the fine will be the one who initiates the war between the two countries, either by presidential declaration or by using the Chain Reaction technique. The fine will be paid from the official treasury organization of each country(Canada: Revenue Canada; the US: Congressional Budget Office) to the official treasury organization of the other country. If there are not enough funds in the organization, then the difference may be pulled from the official country's treasury. If there still isn't enough gold to pay the fine, then a long-term payment method will be worked out between the two countries. If an agreement cannot be met, then both sitting presidents will be banned.

If a party breaks the second term - if original territory is taken without the term having been wavied for that region- breacher of the contract is required to pay cost of a resistance war to return country to its original owner


To accept the terms of the agreement, presidents should sign and quote the terms of the agreement. Extensions or modifications to the contract should be signed by the presidents of both countries.


Jacobi, President of Canada
Gaius Julius, President of USA

This Contract was signed.