Czech Solidarity Movement

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Czech Solidarity Movement

Party-Czech Solidarity Movement.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Abbreviation CSM
Colors Red, Blue
Founded March 2010
Dissolved 19 August 2010
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Czech Phoenix Liberals
Succeeded By Czech Pirate Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Czech Solidarity Movement was a political party in Czech Republic. It was founded by Michal Malkovsky in March 2010, with financial support from NoIle as Czech Young Liberals.


The party was Central-Right, Libertarian with capitalistic and economically liberal opinions. The editorial written by the founding of the party is here.


● to oppose our pro-EDEN government
● fight against the Slovako-Czechia unification
● igniting the Czech economy through an investment bank
● creating state-run companies to support burgeoning economy and Czech baby-boom
● economy with low Import taxes (5%) and lower income taxes (3%) with moderate VAT (5%) to protect our home manufacturers and encourage importing.


● 25th March 2010 - Leader of CYL for Czech congress elections was Michal Malkovsky. His program was published in this article. He didn't succeed, but other 3 members of CYL did.

● 5th April 2010 - He took it out when he was elected as the President of the Czech Republic.

● 15th April 2010 - Michal Malkovsky was elected the party president with support over 90%.

● 25th April 2010 - In the next congress elections, the party gained 2/3 of the Congress in the Anti-PTO action. It was a big success for all Czechs.

● 5th May 2010 - Michal Malkovsky lost presidential elections by 12 votes to Vit Ruzicka and the party moved to opposition against Czechoslovakian unification, described itself as pro-Phoenix and changed the name from Czech Young Liberals to Czech Phoenix Liberals.

● 15th May 2010 - Frank Zafka was elected the party president as the only candidate. He changed the name of the party to Czech Solidarity Movement and modified the platform of the party to focus on Czech sovereignty and improving domestic affairs. Later in June, he renamed party again into Czech Pirate Party which ends CSM.