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New Era

General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Colors Yellow
Founded September 2012
President hollenboer
Members 131
Congress Occupancy 8/40 seats, 20%
Succeeds John Bull
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian
New Era PartyBanner.jpg

New Era is the 2nd ranked Political Party in the Icon-UK.png UK and the largest opposition group to the established Government parties. It is a Centre Libertarian party with a Far Left economic policy.

Usual areas of campaigning are raising new player charity, fighting corruption and encouraging training wars. It stands for:


New Era RecruitmentBanner.jpg

Weapons Supply

New Era has regular Weapons, Money and Food giveaways in it's newspapers and party feed. Many are at random but the two below have been running for several months:

New Era NewBonus.jpg All new members joining New Era are given 16 Q7 Weapons. PM Goku Jones to get this when you join.

New Era SupplyBonus.jpg Write a Newspaper Article and then PM Goku Jones with a link to get this bonus once a week.


At New Era you can work for us and get a better deal on how much you get paid every day:

New Era ArmyBonus.jpg Join the New Era Military Unit British Army and PM Commander Dapper for one of his jobs. You will be paid between 8 and 12 Q7 Weapons a day.


*Coming Soon* We will be opening loans for Training Grounds upgrades to New Era members who are active, this means you got a Hardworker Medal in the last month for logging in evey day!

New Era PolicyBanner.jpg

Economic Policy

New Era supports policies which are there to fairly and equally divide wealth between rich and poor players.

To achieve this we would like the UK Government to make the National Bank give loans to active newer players (these will have 1 Hardworker Medal earned in the last month) to upgrade their Training Grounds.

As Government Tax Income may not be high enough to support these loans, we also would like the UK Government to try to make money in other ways, from things such as selling article votes to other countries.

We will also take action on this ourselves and have set up our own Charity Bank to raise money from our wealthier players. Half of the funds raised will go to help New Era players and the other half to help all players nationally via the NHS.

Military Policy

New Era supports policies which treats all eUK Soldiers equally and provides as much training, supplies and UK battles to them as reasonably possible.

Although it is reasonable to ask Military Units to make some changes to coordinate with the Ministry of Defence, we believe that they should not have to give up things like party affiliations or be permanently excluded from working together.

Instead we support the UK Government making all eUK Military Units part of the official eUK Military with only some reasonable and easy to meet criteria, competing against each other and being advertised through a "MU League Table" with all information clearly given.

Our own Military Unit, The British Army, will not be put under any pressure to meet unnecessarily strict standards to be part of the official eUK Military.

Education Policy

New Era supports policies which put our new players first and helps them to play, enjoy and progress in eRepublik.

We support the Government eUK Library which has guides on all parts of eUK and eRepublik:

We also support practical help such as giving charity to all new players, which as mentioned in the economy section will be raised from our richer members and split between New Era players and the Government NHS.

We do not support external communication such as forums being required to play eRepublik in eUK. We should do everything we can to allow players to play without any fuss from only inside the game.

To train up our own players we will aim to build a Shadow Government with an operating mini MoD, MoFA, MoFA and MoF to make our members ready for Government.

Foreign Policy

New Era supports the eUK Government making more realistic diplomatic ties with countries we share language and culture with.

We also support the UK Government cutting the number of MPPs we have and organising a smaller number with our alliance to save money.

Party Policy

New Era has the Party President decide Party Positions, Congressmen and President Candidates with the method explained in the PP Manifesto. This is because the Party President is elected so there is no need for multiple votes on these things.

The active members of New Era form the "New Era Council" to discuss what we should do together as a party. There will be 1 vote each if there is a dispute and anyone can join. Just send a message to the Party President to join.

Our political orientation is Centre as we are happy to take the best from every ideology, although our economy policy is currently Far Left.

New Era ElectionBanner.jpg

Congress Election History

Month Number Votes Percentage Alliance
October 2012 10 140 25%
November 2012 8 134 20.36% WRP
December 2012 10 141 23.66% PCP
Janurary 2013 10 164 24.7% PCP
February 2013 11 172 27.48% PCP-GoUK-WRP
March 2013 10 135 23.12% PCP-WRP
April 2013 13 204 32.28% PCP
May 2013 12 160 30.42%
June 2013 10 141 25.78%

Party President History

Avatar President From To Terms
Baskb.jpg BaskB August 2012 September 2012 1
Baskb.jpg King Hannibal of ASIA September 2012 November 2012 2
Sage Goku.jpg Sage Goku November 2012 December 2012 1
Hanniball.jpg Sir Winston S Churchill December 2012 February 2013 2
Goku Jones.jpg Goku Jones February 2013 March 2013 1
Alphabethis.jpg Alphabethis March 2013 April 2013 1
70px Sven Goran Duran-Duran April 2013 May 2013 1
70px BigAnt May 2013 June 2013 1
70px wigibob June 2013 July 2013 1
70px Sven Goran Duran-Duran July 2013 August 2013 1

Country President Election History

Avatar Name Month Result Alliance
Alphabethis.jpg Alphabethis Janurary 2013 158 (23.72%) Third Place 1V
Goku Jones.jpg Goku Jones February 2013 277 (42.10%) Second Place UKPP-1V-WRP

New Era LegendsBanner.jpg


Alphabethis - The eNewcomer

Commander Dapper - british Army Updates

Goku Jones - Fight for the New Era

Sir Winston Churchill - The New Era

wigibob - The New Era Paper

Contact Details

IRC: #NewEra or #BritishArmy on

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