Sacuvajmo eSrbiju

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Sacuvajmo eSrbiju

General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Abbreviation S E S
Website SeS sajt
Newspaper SeS Bilten
Organization Informativna Agencija SeS-a
Forum SeS forum
Colors Red, Blue & White
Founded April 2009.
Dissolved Unknown
President soonchica
Members 7
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Spasimo eSrbiju
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Sacuvajmo eSrbiju was political party in Serbia, which now uses its abbreviation S E S as its official name.

Founded after Serbia was put on the eRepublik map again, as the first Serbian party in April 2009.

Party Presidents

President Name Began Term Ended Term
Vladimir_Kezic April 2009 15th June 2009
Lipec 16th June 2009 15th July 2009
Broj Jedan 16th July 2009 15th October 2009
Eastmar 16th October 2009 15th December 2009
slosto 16th December 2009 15th February 2010 16th February 2010 15th March 2010
Go-Run 16th March 2010 15th April 2010 16th April 2010 15th May 2010
Trekkie 16th May 2010 15th June 2010
Fikica 16th June 2010 15th July 2010
soonchica 16th July 2010 15th January 2011
zlatanaleksic 16th January 2011 15th February 2011
zlatanaleksic 16th February 2011 15th March 2011
Fikica 16th March 2011 15th April 2011
Trekkie 16th April 2011 15th May 2011
Mark Markovic 16th May2011 15th June 2011
zlatanaleksic 16th Jun 2011 15th July 2011
Milenkoj 16th July 2011 15th August 2011
slosto 16th August 2011 15th September 2011