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Secretary General can refer to one of these two positions:
  • A cabinet position within a political party. The position is filled via appointment by the Party president.
  • An alliance position of a highest ranked official, an alliance leader.

Secretary general in a party

The Secretary General is the main administrative collaborator of the Party President for him to fulfill his compromises within the party. To this goal, it shall exercise the following functions:

  • Design and prepare the organization of events and meetings of the Party, including the calendar of activities to be carried out by the Party president. e.g. meetings with all the Party members, meetings with his cabinet officers (Vice president, Councillor and Spokesman), mechanisms for ordering the party list for Congress or choose the Party's presidential candidate, creation of meeting places for all party members (Forum, Social Network), etc.
  • To serve as an assistant of the Party president in meetings with other parties, organizations or with the State itself as a witness and record what was discussed there.
  • In general, to be a direct contact between the Party members and the Party president.

Secretary general in an alliance

The Secretary General is a leader of an alliance. He/She is responsible for setting up the HQ (the team who is running the alliance) and he/she is there to make sure that the alliance is going in the right direction.

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*There are different minister position, some are official, some not, but all are mentioned in article Minister
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