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The Patriots

General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation TP
Founded December 2012
Dissolved February 2013
Members 36 (February 2013)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

THE PATRIOTS was a political party of Icon-Ireland.png Ireland.

Icon position country president.gif Creation

The party was created by Irishbhoy1967 in December 2012 as a place for the die hard real life Irishmen of eIreland.


Party had short life and was terminated only 3 months later. During this short time they managed to enter Congress of Ireland, two times. In December 2012 they won 15 % of congressional seats, and one month later they had 10 % of the congressional seats.

Party presidents were:

Icon position party president.gif Manifesto

What We Stand For

  • We understand that Ireland is a small community and for that reason needs armed unity and firepower to be at her best. For that reason we support a self-supporting Irish Army that serves the Irish Government. We believe in the right of our soldiers to bear the most effective weapons in order to inflict their highest capable damage on the battlefield, all in the name of Ireland.
  • We support the fun of republicanism in eIreland and realise the benefits a war for the region of Northern Ireland has for the Irish community in eRepublik along with the retention of our new players. For that reason we support the possibility of siding on the opposite axis of the United Kingdom in foreign affairs. However, this does not mean we want needless war with the UK, it means we want the possibility of an open door for war against the British for Northern Ireland.
  • We desire for a clear Irish majority in eIreland. We support any attempts at an eIrish Baby Boom.
  • We aim for new relations with countries that share similar real life properties such as Ireland. Countries such as Italy, Croatia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, the Philippians, Portugal amongst many, many others.

Our Congress Bid

In the event that we remain a top 5 party we have set a number of candidates before the election. Our aims for the Congress should we get a member elected are as follows:

  • Talks between the CIA && IA for a merger
  • Talks of Government investment or an investment plan being put into place for Irish Army owned companies
  • Minimal shared MPPs with the United Kingdom
  • New, clear rules on Ireland’s immigration policy requiring a 60% majority favouring any requests
  • Government funded referral spammers (Government pays or rewards Irish people to spam their referral links on Irish websites and forums)

If our ideology appeals to you please join our ranks. If you disagree with our party please treat us as a respected member of the opposition. We are here to make Ireland a better country, we will work toward establishing our name in eIreland and work at being a respectable member of the opposition.