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Complex.png Complex template

The code of this template is really complex, please use your sandbox before editing this template

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{{eLink}} is a template easily allowing to create links to the game by their IDs.



Linking possibilities

You can use this template to link following pages withing eRepublik by adding the one of the following words as first parameter:

  • profile or citizen: link to citizen profile
  • article: link to newspaper article
  • newspaper: link to newspaper
  • organization: link to organization profile
  • war: link to war details
  • company: link to company presentation page
  • country: link to country profile
  • party: link to party page
  • battle: link to battlefield
  • land: link to someone's land
  • unit or militaryunit: link to military unit profile
  • update: link to game update
  • post: link to post
  • unitpost: link to military unit post
  • partypost: link to party post

Number is the ID found from the URL (a many-digit number in the URL, ONLY NUMBERS). Exception: link to country page requires the country link (found from URL of come page about the country) - not country ID.


  • {{eLink|profile|2|Plato}}