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This page is in personal testing and is not approved by the German government.

List of people who approve the government structure detailed here: Chicco, Elisa Vorimberg, Heir Holley, Justin Tyme, L. Loki, Mark Wahlberg, Starkad Rorlikson.

The German government is split into several ministries, similar to the real life nation.

Current Administration

Position Name
President Gobba
Vice President Starkad Rorlikson
Minister of Foreign Affairs Justin Tyme
Under-Minister of Foreign Affairs Elisa Vorimberg
Minister of Information Mark Wahlberg
Minister of Defence L. Loki
Minister of Finance None Appointed
Minister of Justice None Appointed

Government Head


The Country President is Gobba. Like most nations, the President is the most important position in the nation, since only the president can make decisions official in-game. The President has the power to propose laws, to buy Hospitals and Defense Systems, sign Mutual Protection Pacts, declare war/peace, and create Trade Embargoes.

Vice President

The German Vice President is Starkad Rorlikson. One of the main responsibilities of the Vice President is to lead the nation should the President be unable to. They also propose, contribute, and debate the running of the nation, along with all other ministers and active citizens. The amount of influence a Vice President may have can depend on the person, their dedication to the role, and their relationship with the President and the other politicians.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Justin Tyme and Elisa Vorimberg, is responsible to establish and maintain relations with all the other nations in the World. The "MoFA" has played a vital role in maintaining the national safety in Germany. The MoFA is in charge of all official relations and communication. This is a vital role and covers many areas, most importantly economic, intelligence and military affairs.

Intelligence is paramount to a country and the MoFA plays a large role in it. The MoFA is relied upon to know what is happening throughout the world, whether it be upcoming wars, dissent between a country's government, or the state of opposing alliances. Knowing the details of the aforementioned situations provides Germany with the knowledge and power to make the best decisions in every situation.

Military matters with the MoFA are strongly linked with intelligence. The MoFA can play a vital role in assisting the Ministry of Defence with knowledge of foreign situations, going into detail why certain decisions may or may not be the best options.


  • In charge of Ambassadors and the instating of them.
  • Talk with potential allies.
  • Visit foreign forums and improve relations.
  • Be active on IRC, establish and maintain relationships with other nations.
  • Draft written MPPs.
  • Report to the President and Vice President each day.


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Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior, headed by Mark Wahlberg,is responsible for managing the flow of information between the Government and it's citizens.


  • Maintaining a role within the Congress forums: closing vote threads, posting passed policy and/or legislation into the "Government Policy" section for all the public to see.
  • Maintaining the MoI Newspaper, ensuring that Germany is covering articles that highlight the good points of Germany, as well as functional associations and agencies.
  • Maintaining the flow of information between the forums and Erepublik itself, through a report.
  • Responsible for the creation of a curriculum designed to educate citizens on the history and politics of Germany, and on the game of Erepublik as a whole.
  • Report to the Vice President each weekend.


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Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence, headed by L. Loki, is one of the most important ministries in Germany. The "MoD" heads Germany's armed forces. Responsible for both foreign affairs work as well as command and logistics, it spearheads Germany's efforts in being one of the most organized nations in the world.


  • In charge of the German military, including the deployment of the Expeditionary Korps.
  • Communicate with officers to give detailed reports to the government on the readiness of the different branches.
  • Fund and maintain military branches.
  • Attend all talks on intel and being available for talks on future MPPs.
  • Keeping an active knowledge of the German military and current relations with other nations.
  • The MoD heads the Military Tribunal, which decides on the placement of Defene Systems and Hospitals.
  • Report to the President and Vice President each day.


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Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance, headed by _________, has the largest role in controlling the economic stability of Germany. It also controls the Bundesbank, which is responsible for regulating the flow of currency into the market, and at what rate. It receives it's funding from the National Treasury, with approval from the President and congress.

The Ministry also handles issues dealing with economic surplus and trade through foreign markets. The MoF is being confined to helping through the use of currency management (for foreign currency transfers), foreign market analysis, and benchmarking currency through allies for easier trading capabilities.

The MoF handles issues to deal with foreign trade and overproduction, as well as having an important role to play in the domestic market. It deals with the giving out of loans to German companies, which is important in economic growth, as well as making sure important companies remain in reliable hands.

Another important role is the benchmarking of currency values, used to make foreign trade simpler as the trade is not defined by gold, and monetary trading is kept stable. It also makes exporting simpler by trading DEM for foreign currencies, so General Managers can attain DEM from exporting quicker and easier.

Additionally, the MoF analyzes foreign markets, aiming to find good opportunities for importing, to attain goods in under-supplied industries, exporting, to offload good in oversupplied industries, and trade agreements, mutually beneficial deals with allies to allow both to trade with each other easier.

The Minister of Finance is also responsible for the domestic labor and supply management in Germany.


  • Produce a budget on the income/expenditure of Germany.
  • Monitor the exchange rate and keep money supply at a rate agreed on.
  • Send money to other ministers and departments when they require it.
  • The MoD can, as directed, benchmark currency values for specific allies to make it easier for domestic companies to trade. When there is no gold defined in the trade itself, it makes it quicker and easier on each nation.
  • Identify foreign markets that need or could be used to offload surplus products, and promote exporting throughout Germany to other nations.
  • Trading foreign currency for local currency so domestic GMs can export easier and trade currency to keep salary money in the bank.
  • Look for potential trade deals with other nations.
  • Create and monitor practicable procedures.
  • Monitor domestic markets for supply and demand issues.
  • Manage Government run industries and it's employees. Products are not to be sold without Presidential approval.
  • Direct any new citizens into industries deemed to need employees or low on production values, by advertising in game and on the forums for where to look for a job.
  • Report to the Vice President each weekend.


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Central Command

In the event of a military crisis, the Oberkommando (Central Command) takes immediate action to deploy military forces as necessary. The Central Command also decides where to place Defence Systems and Hospitals.

The Center Command is comprised of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Minister of Defence
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Commanding Officer of the Heer
  • Commanding Officer of the Marine
  • Commanding Officer of the Luftwaffe
  • Commanding Officer of the Expeditions-Streitkrafte