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Global Defense Report: Days 11-20 by Desertfalcon
Summary: In his newspaper, the Global Defense Report, Desertfalcon covers the Great War of 2009 with a new article each day, starting with the invasion of Nova Scotia on Day 2, and ending with the expulsion of Hungary from Alaska on the one-hundred-and-ninth day of the war.
This is relevant to: PEACE GC, USA, World War III

Day 11: America Launches Massive Counterattack

After 10 days of being on the defensive the U.S. military finally went on the offensive last night after North Korea and Spain successfully blocked Russia and France from launching another wave of attacks on the U.S. and Canada. With the U.S. going on the offensive and being able to dictate when the battles end the momentum will shift towards F/E forces in North America if America wins today. Despite the momentum shift this war won't end anytime soon. The new fronts opened up in Europe and Asia have made this a true world war and PEACE still has an ace in the hole.

On the European front Spain seems to be hell bent on keeping France from fighting in Canada and has launched three attacks so far, France retreated in the first one and then France won the second. The third battle is currently going on in Rhone-Alps and if Spain takes this region it would allow Italy to attack Spain's holdings in France without activating their MPPs. If Italy was able to attack Spain and put them on the defensive then Spain would no longer be able to attack France to block them and if Italy is successful they could just entirely cut off the border between Spain and France. Spain would probably beat Italy in a few battles but France is only a few days away from capturing all of Canada. If they were to succeed up north they would most likely hand over the regions to the U.K. or Hungary and then focus on beating Spain back in Europe as now that Spain has activated the French MPPs we could see a massive invasion of Spain as well.

On the Asian Front Russia is in trouble. After being blocked by North Korea yesterday Norway also launched an attack on Russia preventing them from launching another early morning attack on the states. These two nations don't pose much a threat as Russia disposed of them easily but they could effectively block Russia from launching other attacks. If Russia wants to succeed in North America they will have to take care of these problems at home first. Both Norway and North Korea are tiny nations that Russia could take over in a few days but if they were to invade Norway they would then have Sweden to deal with who they couldn't use MPPs against however North Korea could be secured in three days. Taking out NK and leaving Norway would still allow Norway to block Russia by attacking them however being blocked every other day is better then being blocked every day.

The amount of opposition on the American front is likely to drop as countries like France and Russia divert their attention to these other nations and we could likely see all our regions returned within the next week as Russia will be forced to play defense each battle. Despite a weakened Russia we are not out of the woods on the American front yet, there is still the possibility of Portugal opening up a front in Georgia or Florida. If this were to happen we would blocked from taking back our regions and Russia just might be able to squeeze an attack in and put themselves back on the offensive.

Things don't appear to be improving as much on the Canadian front just yet. France is being blocked by Spain however they are not in as bad a position as Russia and they can have Italy bail them out. While they could launch a counter attack later tonight they won't be able to take back Quebec now that it is under British control and if France could get Italy to attack Spain they could just wait until their battle with Spain is over tomorrow morning, retreat in whatever battle Canada had started and then go back on the offensive without having to worry about Spain. Or they could just attack Spain and begin their own invasion down there.

Things will get very interesting the coming days as up until yesterday only four countries have been directly involved in the war but now F/E is using their allies to fight in real battles raising the number to 7. We will see in the coming day whether PEACE responds by opening up some fronts of their own or by challenging F/E forces on the new fronts just opened. Things are looking much better on our front now that we have a large lead in both Oregon and Nevada however don't be fooled, this war is far from over.

Day 12: Portugal And Indonesia Enter The Fray + DF For Nebraska

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In just two days this war has gone from the world fighting in North America to the world fighting across the world in the largest and first true world war. Two days ago Norway and North Korea opened fronts in Asia to relieve pressure off of the U.S. while Spain attacked France to help Canada. Today PEACE brings in their own allies by opening up the Portuguese front against the U.S. and using Brazil to block Spain. They also had Hungary launch an attack into Croatia where it looks like Croatia will win albeit at a heavy cost, while Sweden has tried to attack Hungary in an attack that looks like it will flop. Needless to say there will be a lot to cover in this article.

We will start with the big story, Portugal and Indonesia have both attacked the U.S. in Georgia and Hawaii. Indonesia's seemed like a tactical blunder as now they have activated all of America's MPPs and without their own MPPs could suffer a huge loss if America gets the chance to attack Indonesia's holdings in Japan and China. Indonesia has been successful in the battle so far most likely due to the fact that with all these fronts opened up its hard for F/E nations to support each other as just about everyone has their own battles to fight in now. The U.S. military has been ordered to fight in Hawaii so the momentum in that battle could shift over the next few hours however the battle ends in the early morning so PEACE has another advantage there. Portugal is launching an attack with their MPPs in tact however as of right now they haven't been able to make a serious dent in the wall, this battle is relatively young though.

The Canadian front is pretty quiet today with Canada just attacking Manitoba and Saskatchewan, this is most likely an attempt to block France from attacking Spain with their MPPs or attacking another Canadian region. Back in Asia Russia has diverted their attention from North America to focus on the nations of North Korea and Norway who teamed up to block Russia from attacking the U.S.. Russia beat back both attacks and is now on the offensive in both North Korea and Norway, it is likely that North Korea will fall as the country is sparsely populated and most of her allies will be busy on their own fronts. Norway may hang in there a bit longer.

The European front has really blown up the past three days. Spain remains the last real F/E threat in Western Europe and their attack on France was recently fended off. The Brazilians launched their own attack on the Canary Islands to block Spain from attacking France again and putting them on the defensive, whether Italy will get involved remains to be seen. In Eastern Europe Hungary has invaded Croatia while Sweden is trying to attack the regions Hungary has conquered to block them from attacking again and to draw them off the Croatian front.

I will keep you updated throughout the day and will have the battle links up shortly.

American Front



Canadian Front




European Front

Canary Islands-

Russian Front



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Day 13: Hawaii And Georgia Fall, PEACE Back On The Offensive + DF for Nebraska

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Early this morning Hawaii fell to an Indonesian army, despite having numerous MPPs activated Indonesia was able to win due to the recent waves of attacks on other F/E nations. This caused F/E forces to be spread thin and PEACE was able to take a large lead early. Despite gaining a border with one of the most important regions in the American west Indonesia held off on an attack on California, most likely to give them time to regroup and help on other fronts. A few hours later Georgia fell to Portugal who had long been waiting to get in on the action. Americans took an early lead in the battle but the wall started to fall in the last 8 hours of fighting, the battle was close at the end with the wall only being down 20k however it was not enough for Americans to hold the region. In an effort to prevent the U.S. from going on the offensive again Russia launched an attack into Colorado now that they are getting things settled on their home front.

The attack on Colorado is not expected to succeed however right now its not the most important battle in the war as in the last few days it has blown up all over the world. The most concerning thing for F/E forces right now should be the coming invasion of Spain. After attempting to block France in Canada by having Spain invade France PEACE was able to switch back over to the offensive by having Brazil launch a blocking attack against Spain by attacking the Canary Islands, the battle was close but luckily for Spain they won. Spain is not out of the woods yet though as France is on the offensive in the one region that Spain took from them and it is likely that France will continue the invasion into Spain which puts the main high iron region for F/E forces in jeopardy.Yesterday Romania was successful in securing another high iron region by taking the original Ukrainian region of Podolia but Hungary immediately struck back and is has pushed the battle deep into the underground.

On the Russian front Russia is starting to get a handle on things down there however the Scandinavian nations won't give up as Norway has just taken back their region that borders Russia and will likely launch another blocking attack. This is something North Korea desperately needs as after their attempted blocking of Russia (refereed to as a "training war" by the NK administration) Russia has made sure to stop their attacks and is launching their second offensive into NK after the first one succeeded early today. If Russia wins today they will just about border every region in the NK and could possibly wipe that country out within a day or two. If Russia were to succeed they would likely hand the regions over to Japan for them to keep watch of and focus their efforts on Scandinavia and North America.

Norway has started to get more involved in the war by acting as a blocker as they have just attacked Scotland to block Hungary from attacking Croatia again. Croatia scored a victory over Hungary yesterday by defending North West Croatia however the battle drained a large amount of gold from their coffers, it was rumored that Hungary would attack again today but the battle in Scotland will prevent that unless Hungary retreats in Scotland. and then attacks both Scotland and North West Croatia.

Back in North America, Canada has been pushed back on the defensive after winning in Manitoba a failed attempt to block France by attacking Prince Edwards Island. France swapped the region over to the U.K. along with Nunavut to end the Canadian attack and then launched their own attack into Manitoba which had recently fallen to the Canadians. After a few hopeful days with Canada securing American regions under Russian control it seems like its back to where they started as Canada has lost the ability to block France without retreating and France is now back to marching westward. The American regions they took from Russia will help them drag out the war and as long as they can hold Ontario and keep Russia at bay they are still very much in the fight.

I will keep this updated for you and should have some battle links up shortly.

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Day 14: Colorado Falls To Russia, Indonesia Attacks California

After making a strong showing in Hawaii, Indonesia looks to continue their invasion by attacking the highly populated American region of California. With a wall of 213K California is the third largest wall in the country trailing only New Jersey and Florida, if it were to fall it would be a huge blow to the American economy as not only would we lose almost 10% of our workforce but we would lose a large amount of companies who won't be able to sell on our markets. This will be a pivotal battle for both sides as an Indonesian victory would give them a foothold on the west coast and of taken out the most heavily defended state in the American west, while an American victory would stall an Indonesian advance and allow for a counter attack in Hawaii to kick Indonesia out of America.

A few hours later PEACE launched another wave of attacks to make sure that the U.S. stays on the defensive. Portugal has mounted an assault on Tennessee while Russia is attacking another key American region in Kansas which houses our internal Q5 hospital that was supposed to be a fall back if PEACE launched an offensive from the east coast. PEACE won't have their early morning time zone advantage in these two states but the attack will force F/E forces to make a tough decision in whether to defend California, Alberta, or Kansas. Russia also launched another attack into North Korea which will give them control of half the country and take out NKs most populated region and a Q5 hospital, with North Korea's weakened economy it is very likely that Russia will finish them off within the next few days if they win here.

The Canadian front is starting to heat up again as France has launched an offensive into Alberta which is the second most important Canadian region behind Ontario. The Canadians were able to turn back the French in Manitoba in a key battle however Alberta holds a Q5 hospital and borders two other Canadian regions, one being British Columbia. British Columbia is another important Canadian region that contains a slightly smaller population then Alberta and a Q4 hospital, if it were to fall it would also mean that PEACE has successfully fought their way from the east coast of Canada to the west coast. While that last part may have little in game significance it is still vital that the Canadians hold Alberta to help secure their western regions.

Ukraine has also managed to draw Romania into the war. By constantly attacking Moldavian regions Ukraine has gotten Romania to attack one of their regions and thus activate their MPPs. The Ukrainians have taken advantage of this and have launched another attack into Podolia, a high iron region which has been highly contested the past few days. Ukraine has also launched a few other attacks into Moldavan regions and although they usually aren't successful here their MPPs have given them the edge over Romania. I will keep you updated throughout the day and I would also like to thank the citizens of Nebraska for reelecting me into congress.

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Day 15: Indonesia Makes Major Victory In California, Attacks On America Continue

This morning the U.S. suffered a devastating loss as Indonesia was able to win a tanking battle and conquered the company rich region of California. With the fall of California all Californian based companies now are in Indonesia and can't export to the U.S. because of the war, also all citizens who were employed in California have lost their jobs. This will likely hike up the price in most goods as there will be higher demand and less supply in the remaining American regions. This gives PEACE an advantage since it will also increase the price of weapons making it more expensive for Americans to fight and tank. It also puts Indonesia a stones throw away from some of the Canadian occupied American regions, if Indonesia was able to take a state like Oregon they could then get a free war with Canada and then take on Canada for the regions they hold in the U.S. without activating their MPPs. The only problem with this is that it would make it difficult for Russia to retake some of those territories they fought for to begin with but seeing as they already have a foothold in Colorado and Utah they can just take some other regions to make up for it.

Russia used to be very active in terms of attacking American regions but a couple of blocking wars has forced them to stop. Russia has managed to bounce back though and is now on the verge of taking out North Korea, one of the two countries who attacked them in hopes of stooping their advance in North America. The battle is about to end in Hwangae which is the region in NK that 80% of the people live in and holds the Q5 hospital. If it were to fall Russia would have no problem picking up the pieces. North Korea's last hope after this battle is that Finland or Norway launch another blocking attack, this wouldn't win it for North Korea but it would give them a day to prepare a final defensive. While Norway and Finland will be harder to take over due to their larger size and the fact that they share a border with Sweden they have it timed out so they can only be blocked one day out of every three which would give them ample time to launch a few attacks stateside. They could also just ditch their campaign in the U.S. and go for the three Scandinavian countries however right now Indonesia needs their help in the U.S. and it would be too difficult to hold that many countries.

In Canada the Canadians suffered a huge loss themselves in Alberta however a block of the French by Switzerland has prevented them to advance further. Alberta was the most important region in Canada that remained not named Ontario and had a Q5 hospital. Once the block ends it is likely that the French will launch an offensive into British Columbia (another key region) and another Canadian region out west, maybe Manitoba. Now Canada only controls 6 of the 13 original Canadian regions putting them below .500 in regions held. Spain and Switzerland will have to keep blocking the French if we want to see Canada hold out much longer.

On the eastern European front Romania lost a key battle in Podolia however they stole a victory in Northern Basarbia when PEACE retreated, Podolia is a high iron region that has gained a great deal of significance now that Spain's region is in jeopardy if France pushes down south into Spain's original regions. Romania still controls Northern Basarbia so they still share a border with Podolia and do have a chance of getting it back however the Ukraine has since launched another offensive into the region putting it at risk.

On the American front today Portugal and Russia opened up new battles in South Carolina and South Dakota respectively. This was likely a move to allow both sides to stay on the offensive in case they lose in Tennessee and Kansas, it also will allow Indonesia to attack earlier tomorrow morning to get the time zone advantage without having to worry about an American counter attack. Losing Kansas would be another blow to the U.S. as it would destroy the Q5 hospital and coupled with the loss of Tennessee and the vital region of California it will be a morale killer. It appears that Portugal is avoiding Florida at the moment so we shouldn't have to worry about that region too much but it appears that the safest Q5 Hospital is the one in New Jersey as it would take some time for Portugal to climb that far north and France will be spending most of their time on Canada and Spain.

I will try and keep you updated throughout the day and will have battle links up shortly.

Day 16: Manitoba Falls, Four American States Under Attack

Despite having a nice lead in Manitoba, PEACE was able to pull out yet another victory on the Canadian front by taking the region of Manitoba which has gone back and forth between the U.S., Canada, and France over the past week. Manitoba isn't a very important region as it has a small population and the resources it holds are common in other Canadian regions however Canada is at the point where they can't afford to lose any more regions. With the fall of Manitoba, Canada only has control of 5 of their original 13 regions and with France leading in the Northwest territories that could be knocked down to 4 by tomorrow. PEACE's strategy in Canada appears to be to circle around Ontario and take the Canadian capital after severely weakening the country however the regions Canada occupies in the U.S. may hold up France from attacking Ontario. Currently 4 of the 9 regions under Canadian control are American and unless Indonesia and Russia start attacking Canada they should give Canada a few more days before PEACE tries and deliver the death blow in Ontario.

Back on the American front it appears that it has heated back up despite Russia still having to deal with problems back at home. After taking a day off from fighting after successfully invading California, Indonesia launched an assault into Arizona where they took a large early lead. Arizona is one of the three remaining U.S. regions that shares a border with California and would serve as a gateway for a counter attack to retake California which is vital to the U.S. economy. While the loss of Arizona would not completely destroy America's hopes of a counter attack it would diminish them and get Indonesia one state away from the next non Q5 prize in the U.S., Texas. Russia has also managed to secure the region of South Dakota after losing in Kansas and is launching an attack into Minnesota in hopes of cutting the U.S. off from Canada's original western regions. Portugal managed to win In Tennessee but lost in South Carolina and is now attacking Kentucky in a move that could allow PEACE to attack states in the Midwest should it succeed.

Over in North Korea things are looking grim. After attempting to help out the U.S. by blocking Russia along with Norway, Russia has roared back and has already taken out all the key North Korean regions including one that held 80% of the population and the Q5 hospital. Now there are only three regions left which should be easy pickings for Russia, they launched one attack early this morning and have launched attacks into the two other regions this afternoon, it seems as though North Korea will be wiped out tomorrow. Norway on the other hand has not had to deal with being invaded too much as Russia has only gone one region deep in the country as it seems to be focusing their efforts on NK and the U.S. right now. Without two countries working to block Russia they will be able to launch more attacks on the U.S. and put more force into those attacks. This could be trouble for Canada to if they decide to attack Alaska and the other Canadian occupied regions in the U.S..

A few weeks ago things looked like they were going to blow up between France and Spain however the conflict has died down recently as France has refrained from launching attacks into the original Spanish regions. This could change if France is successful in wiping out Canada but for now all we are going to see is blocking attempts on the Western European front. The Eastern European front has also been quiet as the only battle today is an attack by the Ukraine in an attempt to take Southern Basarbia from Romania, right now Romania has a lead their but the region isn't very significant.

Thats it for today, its been pretty quiet in Europe and Asia so not much to report. I will try and keep this updated throughout the day.

Edit: Indonesia has launched an attack on Nevada as well and Russia has launched two other attacks into North Korea.

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Day 17: North Korea Falls, PEACE Presses On Into North America

Today is a dark day for F/E forces as Russia has succeed in conquering the three remaining regions of North Korea. A few days ago North Korea and Finland made the bold move of trying to attack Russia to block their attacks on the U.S., the move worked and America was able to go back on the offensive and regain some of their regions from Russia with Canada helping out by taking some American regions as well. After this many believed the tide of war had shifted however Russia was able to keep a foothold in Utah and PEACE had Indonesia and Portugal invade as well to keep the Americans from countering. While a new wave of attacks was being launched on the U.S. Russia was looking to take out North Korea as punishment for them trying to get in their way and today North Korea lost their last three regions without winning a single battle. Although they are small their contributions to the war in diverting Russian attacks has been vital to our defense and things will only get worse now that they won't be able to help.

The future of these regions remains in question, while Russia could hold them themselves it would be difficult to hold both the North Korean regions and the American regions. One possibility is that Russia would hand over the regions to Japan who already controls South Korea or to Iran although Iran already has a large amount of regions to control. Regardless its not likely that North Korea will come back anytime soon and with that being said Russia can focus their efforts on North America now although Norway and Finland may still try and block even though they haven't done much of it lately.

On the North American front things have already been looking bad. Despite holding back Portugal for two straight days, Indonesia and Russia have both made progress with Indonesia securing their fourth American region in Nevada and launching an attack into New Mexico earlier today, it appears their next big target will be Texas however due to erepublik admins not owning a globe Texas and New Mexico do not share a border so Indonesia will have to win Oklahoma first before attacking Texas. Russia on the other hand has managed to take Minnesota which effectively cuts us off from the original western regions of Canada, they have since launched an attack to take back Wyoming. Any attempt to take back California appears unlikely now as Indonesia has built a Q5 in California and is urging their population to move their to build up the wall and cost of attacking the region. The U.S. also only holds one region that border California now with Oregon which is a likely target for the next Indonesian assault. If Oregon and Wyoming fall the U.S. will be limited to their regions east of the rocky mountains.

In Canada things just keep getting worse, Yukon has now come under attack and if that falls Canada will be down to just three of their original regions. Spain has launched another blocking attempt into France however if Brazil launches a blocking attack into Spain again later today the attack won't really have much significance since France will still be able to attack British Columbia or New Brunswick tomorrow. It still seems like they are trying to avoid Ontario and attack that region last in what promises to be a huge battle as if Canada loses Ontario they lose the war. This could be bad for Spain to since without France needing to attack Canada they could focus on Spain and try and take out that high iron region of theirs.

I will keep this updated throughout the day stay tuned for more updates

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Day 18: Canada Holding Out, America Makes Stops In Wyoming and South Carolina

After the fall of North Korea, F/E needed a new country to put pressure on Russia and Canada appears to be the new country to do that. Canada is down to only three of their original regions but by attacking the American regions that Russia controls not only are they blocking Russia from attacking the U.S. they are also putting themselves in the position to gain more regions so that they can hold out longer should France take all their original regions. There is a downside to this strategy though in that if Indonesia takes Oregon they will then be able to get a free war with Canada and take back those American regions Canada controls with ease. Canada has been unable to launch a counter attack to take back their original regions since the U.K. is currently sitting on them and an attempt to take them back would require a declaration of war against the U.K. which would make things even harder with another country joining the invaders.

Portugal has been having problems as of late when it comes to invading the U.S. as they have been repelled in South Carolina once again and they haven't been able to win a battle since taking Tennessee a few days ago, it appears the South is holding strong for now. Meanwhile Russia was turned back in Wyoming however they have since attacked the Q5 hospital region of Kansas while Indonesia has managed to take New Mexico and is marching into Oklahoma, most likely preparing to take Texas soon. There was a great deal of confusion surrounding the battle in New Mexico as Indonesia attacked once and then retreated only to attack again a few hours later, the president of the U.S. was under the impression that they would have to wait 24 hours to attack New Mexico again. Harrison Richardson then contacted the admins about the issue and they said that they would nullify the battle however PEACE still won the battle and was able to use New Mexico as a spring board to Oklahoma (but not Texas since the erep admins still have yet to purchase a globe).

The attacks on Oklahoma and Kansas put the U.S. in a rough spot. Kansas has a Q5 hospital and it would be a huge blow to lose that region however Oklahoma borders Texas which is a key economic region and if Indonesia was able to take Oklahoma they could then launch an attack into Texas where they would surely tank like crazy to take out the last large American state remaining west of the Mississippi. Most Americans would likely be sent to defend Kansas as that Q5 is to important to lose and we would be worse off trying to defend Texas if we didn't have Kansas. Portugal has also launched an attack into Kentucky however PEACE hasn't been fighting much on that front and Kentucky is not to important of a region.

Things have been quiet on the other fronts so far today. Not much appears to be going on in Canada other then them trying to regain Russian regions and France has not launched an attack yet as they are still being blocked by Spain, it is likely that they will launch an attack int British Columbia or New Brunswick tomorrow morning if they use their strategy of using Brazil to block Spain to keep Spain from blocking France. In other news Indonesia has built a Q5 hospital in California and is urging their citizens to move there in hopes of turning it into a stronghold for them and preventing a U.S. counter attack although this may not be too necessary for PEACE as they are closing in on securing the entire American west. On the American side of things a Q5 hospital proposal for New York was voted down by a 22-20 vote Harrison Richardson supported the proposal and said it would be a wise investment however congressman James Harding pointed out that the New York population was largely inactive and the returns on the investment wouldn't make up for the cost, the majority of congress agreed with this and believed that the money would be better spend for tanking and funding our military, some also opposed the proposal as they saw Illinois and Texas as much better candidates then New York.

I will keep you updated throughout the day.

Day 19: Eugene Harlot Steps Down, PEACE Pushes Onward

Earlier today Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Eugene Harlot announced his resignation from his post and from the game. This comes as a huge blow to the American defensive effort as now they have lost almost half of their states and one of the best and most experienced joint chiefs in the history of the U.S. military. A replacement has yet to be announced but it will likely be someone high up in the military structure and whoever is named the next JCS will have some large boots to fill. His resignation was likely spurred by the fall of Kansas and Kentucky which he takes full credit for in his resignation article.

Yesterday it looked like the U.S. might of caught a break as we had a nice lead in every region however PEACE was able to make a run at the wall with their armies in the early morning and won another tanking battle to finish us off in Kentucky and Kansas. The loss of Kansas was a big one as now our interior Q5 hospital has been destroyed and many active Americans are now behind enemy lines. Kentucky wasn't a very important region but it gives Portugal their third victory of the war and puts them one state close to the American capital of Washington D.C.. All was not lost for American forces as they did manage to beat Indonesia back in Oklahoma, also a key region since it shared a border with Texas. Today PEACE continued their assault by launching an assault into Oklahoma once again by retreating at the last second and one into Oregon and with Portugal continuing their assault by attacking West Virginia. Russia has come under attack by Canada and was unable to attack after securing Kansas.

Things have grown more interesting in Canada now as Canada tries desperately to keep the French blocked and now the Hungarians have entered the conflict. After using their active war with the U.K. to pick up some of the Canadian regions held by PEACE Hungary easily made their way down to Manitoba and seemed ready to strike at some of the Canadian possessions in the U.S. however Canada quickly responded and launched a blocking assault. As of now Hungary will still have to wait but it has become clear that their plan is to take back the regions in the U.S. Canada took and make their way up to Alaska. This information was released by PEACE in a recently approved deal that would give the Urals region back to Russia if Hungary were to get Heliongjiang, a high iron region in Chinese territory which is controlled by Iran. The treaty also states that the Caucus regions could go back to Russia if this transition runs smoothly and Hungary takes Alaska.

The conflict appears to be dying down on the world stage however we have yet to see that happen in North America. Canada has been able to block themselves for awhile but it is likely that France will launch an attack within 24 hours that could push Canada back to just their U.S. held regions and Ontario. If Ontario falls it would be a bad sign as its wall is just about the size of the wall in New Jersey and a little smaller then the one in Florida. If it were to fall it would not only mean the death of Canada but that not even the high Q hospital regions of Florida and New Jersey are safe. I will keep you updated throughout the day.

Day 20: America Holds Three Of Four Regions, Texas Next Big Target

Today the U.S. lost Oklahoma but was able to stop PEACE in Oregon, West Virginia, and Iowa. Recent events have shown that the PEACE invasion of the U.S. may be slowing down however with Hungary in Canada now the Canadian battle appears lost. In the early days of this war the American military was often ordered to defend Canadian regions instead of U.S. regions which made the assaults on the U.S. easier, however the last few days soldiers have almost always fought in the U.S. battles now it appears that without the support of the U.S. Canada will lose most of their remaining regions.

Despite being down to only three of their original regions Canada has been able to hold on due to the five American regions that they won when Russia retreated from them however now Russia is coming back for them and Hungary has entered the war as well. Earlier today Russia took back Alaska and has launched another attack into Idaho while Hungary has a huge lead in Montana. If Montana were to fall and Russia were to lose the battle in Montana it would open up the door for Hungary to attack the U.S. by attacking Idaho or North Dakota (under Canadian control) to start a free war with the U.S. and then attack the American region of Wyoming. If Hungary was able to attack Wyoming they would have a clear path east so in a few days they could get as far east as Russia or Indonesia in the United States. Still if Montana falls Canada will be down to six regions and will very likely be down to just Ontario within a week. Due to bringing Hungary into the war France no longer borders Ontario so in order for them to attack they would either have to let Hungary attack and fight the many Canadian MPPs or do a region swap again.

America may also soon be in trouble economically, the recent stops will boost morale however with the fall of Kansas, America has lost its last high grain region meaning that now if we are to get enough grain we will have to have it imported and because of this the cost of grain and food will start to rise over the next few days. This could be disastrous for the USD and the two clickers who would have less to spend on weapons should this happen. PEACE is also on the verge of taking out our oil markets as well which wouldn't be as bad since moving tickets aren't as important as food but it could prevent us from moving our citizens out of high risk areas and into Q5 regions.

These three victories are all very important however we lost the most important battle today in Oklahoma. With Oklahoma under Indonesia's control they now have the ability to attack Texas, if Texas were to fall then it would be like losing a smaller California. Texas holds a large number of companies and makes up about 7 or 8% of our entire population and as we have seen with California most two clickers can' t be bothered to move out of a region. An attack on Texas would be expensive for PEACE and if they were to make one they would likely wait until tomorrow morning so they have a timezone advantage to launch the attack. They also would have the option to attack Arkansas and then Louisiana first so that they could cut off Texas from the rest of the country, that way if they take it they wouldn't have to worry about a counter attack, although they wouldn't anyway as long as they just keep making sure that America is being invaded.