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Global Defense Report: Days 2-10 by Desertfalcon
Summary: In his newspaper, the Global Defense Report, Desertfalcon covers the Great War of 2009 with a new article each day, starting with the invasion of Nova Scotia on Day 2, and ending with the expulsion of Hungary from Alaska on the one-hundred-and-ninth day of the war.
This is relevant to: PEACE GC, USA, World War III

Day 2: Nova Scotia Falls, PEACE Launches Offensives Into Alaska and Canada

The new world war started off with a bang yesterday as Nova Scotia came under attack from a coalition of PEACE forces who attacked using the old MPPs that Canada activated when Canada attacked France last December. At first it appeared as if PEACE would run away with the battle after knocking the wall 450k deep into the underground due to most Fortis/EDEN countries not fighting in the early hours however after being ordered to fight the Fortis/EDEN forces were able to build the wall back up to 50k by the turn of the day. This was not enough though as once the new day started PEACE began to take their lead back and steadily push the wall down further forcing the wall to -57612 before the battle ended. With the fall of Nova Scotia PEACE now has a foothold in North America and has opened up a new border with Maine.

The other battle that started yesterday between Hungary and the U.K. also concluded with Hungary retreating from the Northeast after gaining a commanding lead in the region, this war was a training war set up to give Hungary a free war with Canada so don't be surprised if Hungary launches an offensive later into Northern Canada while France takes care of the south. PEACE has also had great success when it comes to putting pressure on the F/E forces. They have done a good job at splitting the Romanian forces by having Ukraine attempt to regain some of their lands that Romania now occupies and by launching an attack from Russia into Alaska.

The Alaskan battle was started hours before the end of the Nova Scotia battle and this marks the first time every that a U.S. region has come directly under attack. PEACE has knocked the wall down a great deal already however they are nowhere near the damage they inflicted on Nova Scotia yesterday, this could be due to the fact that a large chunk of PEACE was devoted to the attack on Nova Scotia, however many Americans were sent to fight in Nova Scotia so they will also have less opposition in Alaska. Although no official orders have been made it appears that many U.S. citizens are fighting in Alaska and thus making it a closer battle, the battle will likely turn in favor of the U.S. later in the day once the military gives out the order to fight however the American military may be worn down after a fierce battle in Nova Scotia.

France has also just launched another offensive into Canada this time targeting Prince Edwards Island. It appears the strategy is to take PEI to block Canada from sharing a border with the original French regions, it is also possible that they are headed north towards Nunavut (a high diamond region that Canada controls) however in order to go that far north they would block Hungary from getting in on the action. If Alaska falls though it is likely that France will leave taking the diamond regions to Russia and instead try to fight their way further west until they reach the region of Ontario where most Canadians live and where one of the two Canadian Q5 hospitals are located (the other one is in Alberta). Russia does not currently have an open war with Canada however they can steal a free one if they secure Alaska and attack Washington state tomorrow.

The administration will most likely wait until later today to launch orders so that way if PEACE launches another assault on a more key U.S. region we would still have today's fights. The current orders are to hold fire as long as possible and then if their are no updates fight for Alaska at your last log in. If orders change I will update in this article, I will have another update tomorrow so stay tuned.

Day 3: Narrow Victory For U.S. In Alaska, Prince Edwards Island Expected To Fall

For a more recent update read the day 4 update here:

After a fierce comeback U.S. forces managed to secure the region of Alaska with the wall just about 17k above no mans land at battles end. The U.S. was behind for most of the battle however in the last 30 minutes F/E forces contributed to a strong tanking effort that contributed to the victory. This marks the end of the first ever full length battle on American soil with an American victory that will cost PEACE gold and some time as now instead of being able to head down to Washington they have to wait before they can attack Alaska again. While this is a great achievement for the U.S. military it should also be noted that a couple of prominent PEACE nations did not fight in Alaska and thus still have fights to use later today, meaning if the battle doesn't get too hot in Prince Edwards Island we could see another battle today.

Prince Edwards Island seems to be a lost cause, as of right now it is sitting at 300k underground with under two hours left to fight. A comeback is unlikely since most F/E nations have spent a great deal of resources and troops on Alaska and the wall is pretty much insuperable with this much time left. The region is also of little strategic importance as there are no high resources there, only 36 people live there, and France only gains a border with Newfoundland and Labrador. The only thing really significant about the region is that it is the last of the Canadian regions that shares a border with France.

Now on the Canadian front the next battle will either be in New Brunswick or Newfoundland and Labrador. Which ever region they choose to attack will reveal a lot about their strategy as right now there are two paths available to take. The first is to continue north and take NFL, this would set it up so they could then sneak past the stronghold of Ontario and weaken Canada first by taking the high diamond regions in Nunavut and the Northwest as well as taking over more land and people. The only problem with this is it blocks Hungary from getting in on the action but seeing as Hungary has no MPP support they might not use them. The second is to head west towards New Brunswick and from their launch an assault into the heart of Canada by attacking Quebec and then Ontario. Both of these regions have high wood and share borders with U.S. states as far west as Minnesota. If they were to fall the rest of Canada would not have much a chance.

The U.S. is now trying to invade Nova Scotia in hopes of preventing that second strategy from happening however now that Prince Edwards Island is under French control it is still a possibility. The U.S. invasion could also be an attempt to stall PEACE forces from advancing however if PEACE launches another attack later today and the U.S. fails to take a decisive lead this could have disastrous outcomes for the U.S.. All the fighting done in the second battle for Nova Scotia will have to be done by Americans as we have no allies helping us out, France won't have much help either other then Indonesia and two other countries. The battle in Nova Scotia will block France from advancing further into Canada however their is still the possibility of Portugal launching an attack on either Georgia or Florida. If this is PEACE's plan they will probably wait until early tomorrow morning to launch it that way the battle ends at a time when most Americans are sleeping.

Current orders are for Americans to hold fire but those may change soon if another front opens up. I will update the orders here as they change and be sure to stay tuned for daily updates on the war.

Update: PEI has fallen

Day 4: PEACE Holds Nova Scotia, Launches Attacks Into Alaska And Newfoundland

PEACE suffered their first set back of the war yesterday when they lost in Alaska and were blocked from expanding further into Canada by the American attack on Nova Scotia. For awhile the invasion of Nova Scotia showed a glimmer of hope but with about 30 minutes left Indonesia tanks showed up and kept the wall from falling below 40k and had it finish at 78,073+ K. While PEACE did the war it can be seen as a victory for the U.S. in that we didn't lose anything and we held back the PEACE advance for a day, the only downside is that we won't have a completely fresh army to fight with in the two other battles today.

Russia launched a second assault into Alaska today this morning losing the first battle yesterday. The attack was quickly repelled and the wall was built up to 70k where it hovered for awhile before drooping more recently to its current state.. It appears as if Russia will keep trying to attack Alaska until they succeed as they don't lose too much gold in starting the battle and they are able to open up another front for the U.S. to fight on without having to risk any regions themselves. The U.S. could block Russia for one day if they were to launch an attack on Far East region however this would activate even more Russian MPPs and would be difficult to defend.

On the Canadian front France invaded Newfoundland and Labrador in what appears to be at attempt to keep the U.S. and Canadian forces to split among two different regions. This invasion comes as no surprise and it is a key region as it borders two very important regions in Canada. One being Nunavut which is a high diamond region to the north the region may be sparsley populated but it would take out a few Canadian diamond companies and allow France to sneak past the Canadian stronghold of Ontario. The other region is Quebec, a good sized region with over 500 citizens. It also has high wood as well as a Q4 hospital and a Q5 defense system. This would be a tough region to take as Canada can't afford to lose this region, not only because of its population and infrastructure, but because it borders Ontario. While losing Quebec would be bad losing Ontario would be devastating, Ontario has 2,200 citizens, dual Q5s, and high wood. For Canada to lose Ontario that would be the equivalent of the U.S. losing Florida. The good news is PEACE still needs to take two regions before they can pose a threat to Ontario however with NFL under their control they are one step closer.

As of right now the wall is continuing to fall in NFL and we have lost a large lead in Alaska. The Hungarian armies will only be able to fight in NFL so that may be the reason why that region is falling so fast. The U.S. administration will likely have to make a tough decision tonight, will they have their troops fight in Alaska to make it even more difficult for PEACE to make a run at the wall in the early morning like they are so good at doing or will they divert troops to aid in NFL which looks like it might be in trouble early on.

The current orders are for military personnel to look up their orders on the mil forum for security reasons. I will keep this updated and be sure to stay tuned for more daily updated.

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Newfoundland and Labrador-


Day 5: Alaska And Newfoundland Fall, PEACE Continues Into Washington And Nunavut

The more recent day 6 updates can be read here


The last 24 hours have been quite eventful. Yesterday France handed over Brittany and Nova Scotia to the U.K. while the game shows this as a war it was really a move by France to create a neutral buffer between their Canadian territories and the U.S.. This will prevent another attempt by the U.S. to try and halt the French advance by attacking Nova Scotia. The U.K. is officially neutral in the war however their recent actions have sparked even more outrage among citizens in the U.S. who see this as a way of helping PEACE without fighting for them. The cooperation with PEACE is most likely a response to the recent trade embargo the U.S. proposed implemented recently.

On the American front the first original U.S. region has fallen to another country for the first time ever in the history of the eU.S.. Yesterday the battle looked promising as the wall quickly climbed in the early hours however many Americans had already fought in the battle in Nova Scotia earlier that day and because of that the U.S. did not have a strong showing near the end of the day when they usually make their runs at a wall. After the day change PEACE kept chipping away at the wall and near the end of the battle the wall was over 100k into the underground and Atlantis leaders decided against tanking in this battle so that they can have them ready for the battle in NFL or Washington. The battle ended at -151,074 into the underground.

The Russians then moved on and launched an assault on Washington. While Alaska was a tough loss it would be even worse to lose Washington. Washington has a good sized population and borders three U.S. regions which would allow PEACE to assault regions in our interior that don't have any defense systems in place. The battle just started an hour ago and as of right now the U.S. has a slight lead over Russia with the wall just about 5k over no mans land however it is still early and the battle in NFL has just ended. By attacking Washington Russia has opened up another war Canada. Neither side will have any MPPs and this now gives Canada the option to attack Russia without activating any of Russia's MPPs however it is worth noting that their are more people living in the Kalingrad region of Russia then all of Canada. However if Canada were to succeed in Alaska and the U.S. kept Russia out of Washington it would effectively close our border with Russia and secure that front for us.

Now on to the Canadian Front Newfoundland has just fallen to French forces. At first PEACE had a large lead in the region but then Canada came roaring back, however PEACE came back again this morning and the last hour or so has been a fierce battle of tanks. In the end it was not enough for F/E and the third Canadian region has fallen with the wall at -18,710 by battles end. Things may grow for more difficult for Canada now that the U.K. has created a buffer zone to prevent the U.S. from stalling France. The U.K. is also signing a peace treaty with France so now it will not be possible for people from the U.K. to assist Canada. Although the U.K. military was never officially backing Canada a good amount of private citizens assisted in the first few battles and managed to do quite a bit of damage.

The French soon moved on to the high diamond region of Nunavut however its way too early to make any predictions there. No doubt it will be harder for Canada without the help of private citizens in the U.K. but Canada really needs a stop here, even though they have another high diamond region they can't afford to keep losing regions.

I will keep you updated throughout the day and make sure to stay tuned for more daily updates.

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Day 6: Washington And Nunavut Fall, Russia Gunning For Montana And New Brunswick

Edit: Thanks to all my subscribers I have now hit the 1,000 mark and have received the media mogul badge. I will still keep pumping out these updates though.

Yesterday PEACE attacked us on two fronts and won on two fronts, today is no different as PEACE has conquered Washington in the U.S. and Nunavut in Canada. While both regions had their strategic advantages most F/E forces were directed to Nunavut most likely because it has high diamonds and Canada can't afford to lose any more regions. Washington was a key region as well since it gives PEACE a foothold on the U.S. mainland and now allows Russia to attack three regions instead of just one.

The battle in Washington happened soon after the Russian conquest of Alaska. Despite being an American region with a large population most F/E forces were ordered to fight in Newfoundland and later Nunavut to help Canada. Without much help from F/E forces America was never able to gain very much a lead and the majority of the battle took place in suburbia. In the early hours of day 606 PEACE, like always, started to pull away and pushed the battle deep into no mans land. The last hour of the battle evolved into a shooting match of tanks and America did threaten by pushing it up to suburbia after being down by 20k but in the end the PEACE tanks prevailed and were able to knock the wall down to -29,429k by battles end. The wall in Washington was huge compared to other regions we have seen battles in as suburbia in Washington was almost twice as large as the entire wall in Nunavut.

After the battle in Washington ended PEACE then attacked Montana (even though in RL Washington and Montana don't border each other). Their strategy seems to be to head east and cut off our border with Canada, that way they can take the western half of Canada without having to worry about us interfering like we did in Nova Scotia. In order for them to completely secure off western Canada they will need to take Montana, North Dakota or Wyoming, South Dakota and then Minnesota in that order. None of those regions have high walls so they may be difficult to stop. Whether they will continue across the northern border of the U.S. to Maine if they are unsuccessful we can't be sure as there are quite a bit of regions that would be tough to take in the north east but we can be sure they are going to try and go as far east as Minnesota. The current battle in Montana looks promising however its still way too early to tell and the last battle in Nunavut looked promising about this time as well.

On the Canadian front Canada lost a tough battle in Nunavut in yet another tank war. They did manage to come closer then in Washington with the wall only being -11,624k at battles end however it was the 4th Canadian region to fall with Canada still waiting for their first victory of this war. France has held back from launching an assault out west into Manitoba but they could pick that battle back up if Russia succeed in creating a buffer zone for them over the next couple of days.

Instead of attack Manitoba France has just launched an attack into New Brunswick and is probably gearing up for an attack on Quebec next. Now Quebec is a key region for Canada as it has a large population and a Q5 defense system, it would undoubtedly be harder to take then any region France has tried to take so far. If they did manage to take New Brunswick or Quebec they would be able to hand it over to Britain like they did with Nova Scotia to prevent the U.S. from attacking it and squelch the RWs, so they won't have a problem holding it like they would if they tried to take Manitoba now. They would just have to make sure America is under attack when they take over so they can hand it over to Britain before the U.S. can invade. If America is under attack the game mechanics will not allow them to launch an attack into France.

I will keep you updated throughout the day and make sure to stay tuned for more daily updates.

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New Brunswick

Day 7&8: Fortis Does A Hat Trick, PEACE Responds

Well I got my computer working sooner then I hoped for so I should be able to continue the daily updates now. A lot has happened over the past two days but I won't be able to offer too much detail today since I was unable to watch them unfold however you can be sure that tomorrow the updates will be back to the way they used to be.

On Day 7 American and Canadian forces had made two major stops, one in Montana and one in New Brunswick. PEACE however remained on the offensive and launched assaults into both Manitoba and Idaho. F/E forces were able to raise the wall up high in Idaho but were losing bad in Manitoba which was the more strategic region. If Manitoba fell it was likely that the rest of western Canada would be likely to follow so the U.S. military made a bold move. By retreating in Idaho it made it so the U.S. was no longer under attack and the president of Canada retreated in Manitoba so the Americans could attack it. The French soon retreated out of Manitoba handing it over to U.S. forces.

Not only did Manitoba going to the U.S. successfully block off France by forcing them to go through the U.S. in Manitoba to get to the western half of Canada but Canada also attempted to go on the offensive and attacked Russian regions in both Alaska and Russia. For the first time in the war PEACE had to go on the defensive but for some reason they retread from Alaska and Russia and then a few minutes later it became clear why. Since Russia now controls Idaho they no longer needed Washington or Alaska to attack the U.S. and rather then stay on the defensive and have the battles end when it was convenient for North American players they used the retreat tactic themselves and set it up so they would launch attacks on both Oregon and Utah in the U.S. as well as Quebec in Canada.

It is important the Quebec not fall to the French as if it does it will give the French access to Ontario, the capital and stronghold of Canada, if Ontario were to fall Canada would lose over half their population and one of their Q5 hospitals. As of right now Quebec does not appear to be going to well and it appears that it will probably fall unless another region swap is called. This time it would be a tougher decision since in order to the U.S. to save Quebec they would have to hand over both Utah and Oregon to Russia. Right now Quebec is worth more then those two regions as not only would the region swap prevent Quebec from falling but it would just about make it so France couldn't advance any further in the country (except New Brunswick) without attacking the U.S. claims in Canada.

If the U.S. wants to region swap Quebec now might be the best time to do it as PEACE has the power to do something that would block any attempt by the U.S. to swap regions and that is to open the Portuguese front. Portugal is one of the four countries who has multiple PEACE MPPs open against the U.S. however they have yet to make a strike like Russia or France. If Portugal were to launch an assault on Florida it would kill any possibility of a region swap as the U.S. just can't afford to lose Florida. The only downside about this for PEACE is that it would cost a huge amount of gold to attack Florida and the attack would most likely be a failure as the U.S. won't retreat. Their other alternative is to go for Georgia which isn't as strategically important to the U.S. but it would likely prevent the region swap tactic. France could also kill this tactic by attacking the U.S. in Manitoba.

While these region swaps will force France to fight through the U.S. if they want to advance they would still have three allies to help them, one being Indonesia. America would still have the advantage but if PEACE is able to keep us on our toes in other regions they could divert our forces from the regions we occupy in Canada and come in and pick up the pieces. With Russia advancing into the interior regions of the U.S., Quebec on the verge of falling, and Portugal and Mexico still at our doorstep these next few days will be very interesting.

Edit: Russia has launched another attack on Montana and is making a deep push into Quebec and Utah at the moment. The attack on Montana appears to be an attempt to spread out American forces and prevent the U.S. from attempting a region swap.

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Day 9: Quebec And Three American States Fall In Massive PEACE Assault

Just yesterday it appeared as though the U.S. was finally on the right track in the war after forcing Russia to give up Alaska and Washington to hold them up in Idaho while blocking them on the Canadian front by taking Manitoba. Today PEACE responded with a fury and launched three attacks on the U.S. and won all of them as well as their assault on the key Canadian region of Quebec. Things were looking good yesterday in Oregon, Utah, and Montana, Utah was iffy for a while but it seemed liked Oregon would for sure be in U.S. control tomorrow. Unfortunately the battles in Oregon and Utah ended very early in the morning for North American players and PEACE was able to win both, they later made a huge victory in Montana which ended in the early afternoon for North American players.

In Canada things were getting ugly to, Canada had fallen way behind in Quebec early in the battle and despite a late rally the region fell to PEACE forces in another battle that ended early in the morning. Quebec was a highly populated region for Canada and had a Q4 hospital and Q5 DS, now that this region is in PEACE control it also give PEACE the ability to launch an assault into Ontario, the Canadian capital. If Ontario were to fall over half of the Canadian population would be trapped behind enemy lines. The good news from the Canadian front is that due to some last minute tanking a RW was successful in Prince Edwards Island.

Today PEACE has shown no signs of letting up, it appears they want to open as many battles as possible to prevent the U.S. from using the retreat tactic. Immediately after the battles in Oregon and Utah ended PEACE launched assaults into Wyoming and Nevada, then after the battle in Montana they launched another attack into North Dakota. North Dakota is going to be a key region as if Russia gains control of it they will be one step closer to cutting off our border with Canada. If they succeed tomorrow in North Dakota then they would only have to go through South Dakota and then Minnesota to successfully block us from Manitoba, Russia would still have to win in Washington to completely block off western Canada though. France has already launched an attack into Manitoba and the U.S. won't be able to retreat to take it back this time since they would have to give up too many regions to do so.

On the Canadian front France has launched an offensive into Prince Edwards Island which as previously mentioned, was liberated earlier today. This should hold off a French assault on Ontario however it is likely that France will win in PEI and unless something like a RW starts in Quebec it is likely that an attack on Ontario will occur tomorrow. If this were to happen it would be an epic battle as Canada can not afford to lose Ontario. PEACE may be able to put the U.S. in a rough spot though as now they have the potential to attack California. As important as Ontario is for the war the U.S. military probably won't devote their full resources to the defense of Ontario should California come under attack. Ontario has twice the population as California but if California were to fall it could doom the western United States.

Before the war broke out people were expecting Indonesia to launch an attack into Hawaii, while they do share a border with Hawaii now they won't attack since they would have no MPP support to help them. Instead they appear to be ready to hold some of the regions in the western United States for PEACE. What Indonesia is likely doing is waiting for Russia to take control of Hawaii and then they will probably region swap a few key regions in the west with Russia so Indonesia could deal with the resistance wars and America wouldn't be able to take those regions back without declaring a separate war with Indonesia and fighting without MPPs. California is the last major roadblock stopping Indonesia from rushing in, Hawaii would have a much smaller wall for PEACE to bring down.

Russia has also launched an assault into Alaska which is now under Canadian control. If they succeed here they will likely head down in Washington next to retake those states. I will keep this updated throughout the day so stay tuned for more daily updates.

Day 10: New Fronts Opened In Europe And Asia

PEACE continued their massive invasion into North America by attacking three American regions and one Canadian region. The U.S. military made the battle in Manitoba a higher priority and last night they retreated from the three American states under attack, Nevada, Wyoming, and North Dakota, to try and get all American soldiers to fight in Manitoba. Despite the determined effort PEACE was able to secure Manitoba and F/E forces had to come up with a different battle plan.

The new strategy appears to be to start up two new fronts to keep Russia and France preoccupied and prevent them from launching any new attacks. First North Korea launched an attack into the Far East Region in Russia to block Russia from launching another attack after the U.S. retreated and then Spain attacked France after the battle in Manitoba ended to keep them from advancing. France however decided that another Canadian region would be of more value and retreated in one of their original regions to attack Saskatchewan, Spain later attacked another region in France to try and split their forces.

This is a very beneficial strategy to F/E forces in the short term as it blocks PEACE for a day and give the U.S. the chance to go on the offensive later tonight and start a battle at a more opportune time for North American players given that PEACE doesn't open up a new front with Portugal soon or a Russian pull out in FER. This move could put Russia and France on the defensive in North America however it could be bad for Spain and North Korea. Both these countries have now opened themselves up to be attacked by a coalition of PEACE nations through the MPPs of Russia and France. North Korea and Spain can now be just as easily attacked by PEACE as the U.S. or Canada can. It also puts the high iron supply in Spain in jeopardy.

As of right now their is only one battle going on in the North American theater and that is the one between France and Canada in Saskatchewan where France has a commanding lead and will likely win. If France succeeds here they will be in striking distance of Alberta which is one of the two regions in Canada with a Q5 hospital, Ontario being the other one. Saskatchewan in its self is not that important however if it were to fall France could launch a double assault on both Alberta and Ontario which would be devastating to Canada if they were to lose.

Canada did have a success today as about an hour ago Canada secured Alaska from an attempted Russian invasion. While it is not an original Canadian region the victory ensures that Russia can't launch another attack on Alaska for 24 hours and will give Canada another chance to hand it back over to the U.S. via RW. Current orders for Americans are to defend Saskatchewan, this also could be an indicator that there will not be a counter attack later today as most Americans will probably of already fought in .Saskatchewan. I will keep you updated throughout the day.