Vox Populi

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Vox Populi

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Abbreviation VP
Website [1]
Forum [2]
Colors Yellow and Black
Founded September 2012
President Joseph Dinero
Vice President SColbert
Members 95
Congress Occupancy 0/62 seats, 0%
Succeeds Conservative People's Party
Orientation Center-right
Ideology Libertarian

Founding & History

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Mission Statement

1. USA FIRST AND FOREMOST. This means that it is what WE feel as a party that is important for the US, not what we are TOLD is right. The direction of the nation is based on its citizens, and that is how it should always be. As new ideas/solutions are needed for the nation, we will keep an updated list as to where the party stands on these important, pressing matters for reference. (They will be accessible by the public too) This area will be called the “Consto” meaning to “stand firm, or endure”.

2. EVERYONE HAS A VOICE This is very important. With any major decision (the level of the decision will be decided by the elected leadership of the party), there will be a vote. For the party to take a stand, there must be a 60% vote FOR or AGAINST it (except in primaries, where there is a simple majority needed). After that, the leadership will then be taken to task to make sure this decision is enforced/publicized when and where needed. It is also important for all of the party members to do the same.

3. THE PARTY SOVEREIGNTY IS PARAMOUNT We as a party, and its members, are sovereign as a group. We will make our OWN decisions and will back our fellow members as we would want them backing us. This importance will show ideally as we will be holding a primary BEFORE the Party President, Congress, and Country President primaries in game. This will help us decide what to do when ATO/PTO events arise. Backing of other members by the party will be within reason and will need to be in association with this manifesto and the party’s principles at the time.

4. EDUCATION Each member will take it upon themselves to help the other members with info, direction, or sometimes a helping hand if they are able. Our party as a whole will do the same with programs designed to help our country (and in turn our party) grow to be as strong as it can to stifle our enemies. We will set up a centralized help area, and will keep it updated as to help all new and old citizens. Education is more important than some food/weapons, as it will help keep citizens in the game. Future programs will be set up to help with this task.

5. LEADERSHIP AND VALOR Leaders are born to lead. Some of them are trained to do so. If you don’t know where you are going, you can’t lead anyone. People that “blaze the trail” into new ideas are more often known to become leaders. Take an idea and run with it. “Play” the game the way you want, knowing full well that you will be judged by your actions accordingly. Members will get what they earn, as how it should be. That being said, the party will ALWAYS desire to have exposure in Congress and CP elections. Being represented will be the ONLY way to have our voice heard.

Party Leadership

Position Name
Party President Joseph Dinero
Party Vice President SColbert
Chief of Staff Vacant
Deputy Chief of Staff Vacant
Office Director Deputy Director
Public Relations/Media
Recruitment and Retention
Office Chairman Chairs
Elections Board Malovent Joseph Dinero

Past Leadership

Month Party President
September TorrinTheGreat
October TorrinTheGreat
November Joseph Dinero
December Joseph Dinero
January Joseph Dinero