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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

Menu in eRepublik Beta

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Screenshot of v1
Raw Materials World Map


  1. Facts: confirmed facts about V1.
  2. Fiction: invalidated rumours or information about V1.
  3. Rumours: rumours about V1, neither confirmed nor invalidated.


  • Experience points
  • New eRepublik APIs
  • V1 will be available this fall.
  • The economical system will be rearranged into three different sections:
    • Construction
      • Housing
      • Hospitals
      • A new product
    • Manufacturing
      • Gifts
      • Weapons
      • Food
      • Moving
    • Region_productivities|Raw materials
      • Grain (used to create food units)
      • Oil (used to create moving tickets)
      • Diamonds (used to create gifts)
      • Iron (used to create weapons)
      • Wood (used to create buildings - hospitals, houses an a new product)
  • The raw materials, being based on natural resources, will be divided across different regions around the world. They will generally represent the real world but will be modified for the purpose of balancing.
  • Both labor and raw materials will be needed in order to create products.
  • Your highest skill in the Beta will be transferred to V1.
  • A new application system (eRepublik API) will be introduced providing a lot more opportunities to both players as the persons writing these app's. It will be possible to use eRepublik gold with these applications.
  • Due to the fact that workers with have a skill in a domain instead of a product this will mean they can use their skills for each company that produces a product in the same domain making workers more flexible.
  • The current eRepublik facts will not be resetted
  • Resistance wars will be introduced with the start of V1.
  • A system will be introduced to minimize Presidential corruption.
  • New tools will be available for Congressmen and the President.
  • A new entity will replace the current SO's.
  • Citizens, companies, simulated organizations and countries will be able to donate products, materials or currencies.
  • V1 will have a new peace time to prevent conquest of the new countries.
  • A new experience system will be introduced. A certain amount of experience will be required to vote, become GM, become party president, become country president, invite people, etcetera. At a certain level of experience you will have unlimited invites.
  • The media section will be totally renewed.
  • Regional Bonus factor will be introduced in V1.
  • A user-moderation system will also be introduced.
  • Press releases will be taken out.
  • The Congress will propose and vote the Citizen fee and the Taxes. Besides this the Congress will be able to:
    • Set a country minimum wage
    • Allow donations to SO's – besides the Citizen fee this will be the only way to take out money from the country treasury (with a limitation).
    • Impeach the President – 66% of Congress votes will be necessary to change the President.
  • Shoutbox
  • Completely new war module, including :
    • General
      • Presidents will be able to introduce embargo's against an enemy country.
      • Starting a war won't mean automatically starting the fights.
      • Conquering/securing a region won't automatically open new battles, too.
      • The Presidents will decide when and where to attack.
      • The cost of starting a war will be smaller, but attacking a region will cost gold too.
      • Allies might also help the country that started the war if the war moved to their territory.
    • Individual Fights
      • No need to wait for an opponent to have a fight any longer.
      • No random value in the fights damage.
      • Soldiers will have to do something to fight (top secret) that will influence their damage value too, so skill will play a part.


  • There will be a full reset with V1.
  • There will be flying bombs.
  • Q5 will be added at the same time as V1 is released.


  • There will be new countries in V1.[1]
  • Admins will be creating events like the discovery of new raw materials.
  • There will be a special V1 contest.
  • The different currencies will be gone, eRepublik will only use gold!
  • The new product will be warehouse or barrack


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