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The following describes the major events in India's history.

India Before being taken over by Pakistan

Indian researchers have worked very hard but sadly only some amount of information was got about India before being taken over by Pakistan. The following information has been collected:

  1. India was occupied by Swedish people who did not like how Sweden was run and a few real Indians
  2. The markets of India were run by two successful business men (their name is unknown) and they used to pay very less to their employees.
  3. Soon other companies came about paying higher amounts.
  4. The party Bombay Tea Party was started as the other party was becoming inactive.
  5. Bombay Tea Party did well in mayor elections before India was taken over.

Indian Independence

Indian Soldiers Plant the Indian Flag and get India it freedom

Indian Independence War is the most important war in India's history as this was the war which gave India its freedom. This war came about after the Indian's noticed that the Pakistani's were becoming inactive as they did not even try and stop the Chinese from getting their freedom. India quickly took advantage of this and with the help of the Italians, India was lead by srachit to freedom. After getting established India faced many problems but it overcame them and now is growing slowly steadily.

India After Freedom

Here Information about India after its Freedom can be found.

Problems Faced By the Indian's After Independence

Here are some of the problems that were faced by the Indian's after freedom. Note: These are problems faced for the first few weeks.

Food and Money Crisis

After India got its freedom the first and main problem it faced was the food and money problem. As India had been under Pakistani control for almost 7months nobody had INR to start a company to provide the Indian's with food. The Indian's were forced into starvation for 15-20 days before elections after which INR was given out to people to start up companies to sell food in India.

Political Takeover

The Italians who politically took over India and then stole its gold

Sadly India has been a prey to political takeover. India got its freedom with the help of the Italians. The Italians came to India claiming that they were going to help India. At that time the Indian leader was srachit. He believed them and joined forces with them and by doing this in the elections everyone voted for the Italians, giving them the majority in congress and making them the rulers of India. After coming to power they stole all of India's gold and then didn't do anything to help India and just left it how it was. Disgusted by this, BroodRoosterNL formed a new party known as India First. It was started together by BroodRoosterNL, Dionysus and srachit the Indian leader. This party soon grew to 8 people and then during the next party presidential elections srachit took control of the party and it grew a lot. When srachit left office as party president the party had 36 members. India First played an important part in kicking out the Italians. The Italians left when they lost the next elections.

Iranian-Indian War

Here Information on the Iranian-Indian war can be found.

Cause for the start of the war

Indian Soldier

The war started as in Iran at that time there was no region that had high wood and the region of Jharkhand, India did have High wood. So the war was started to take control of Jharkhand and it was the only battle fought in the war.

How it stopped

Srachit Signing Peace contract with Iranian Leader

When it was brought to the attention of the Indian leaders that Iran had passed the law to start a war against India they did everything in their power to stop the war but they were unsuccessful and the war was fought were India lost the region of Jharkhand. After the battle of Jharkhand the Indian leaders again met the Iranian leaders and tried to come to peace terms. After 20-30 long days of hard work from the Indian leaders they finally got the Iranian leaders to sign a contract which would finally stop this war.

Presidents of eIndia

History of The Indian Leaders can be found here.

Wolontario Period

Just before presidential elections unrest arose in India. Indian Government Bank, the national bank of India, was managed by a member of INC. The bank donated all gold and money to an Italian organisation. Wolontario and his fellow Italians from INC party were blamed for destroying the Indian economy. Wolontario still won the presidential elections, due to a large number of Italian soldiers.

He stayed in office for about 10 days after which an impeachment proposal was made. The proposal was accepted by congress, because many Italians had already left the country. After the impeachment Lautar0 became the new president. In the next few days many Italians went back to Italy.

The few Italians who were still in India left India after congress elections at which they won only four congress seats.

After most former Italian paratroopers left the country, the Wolontario period and the unrest in the country was finally over.

Lautar0 period

After impeachment lautar0 started his term with a bang and everyone thought that India would now finally start developing. Nothing however happened during his period. The ministry of Internal affairs was created and 10,000 INR was transfered to it. Other than that, nothing happened during Lautar0's presidency. Nothing has been heard from Lautar0 for some time and the ministry was unavailable for the government.

Srachit Period

Lok Sabha Building

On the 5th of January srachit became India's first Indian president and immediately set about reform.

The following are his accomplishments:

  1. Under his rule India finally became active
  2. India gets its first active ministerial team
  3. The Indian Army is created
  4. India has become economically stable
  5. India has finally united for the same cause, i.e India's development
  6. India's forums have become active
  7. Congress is renamed to Lok Sabha
  8. Tax is changed for the better
  9. He brought peace between India and Iran
  10. Diplomatic relations with other countries established

And many more things done that cannot be mentioned here.

Dionysus Period

The Dionysus period was another period of prosperity for India and India was advancing at a rapid rate but then something happened, Indonesia declared war on India, our great leader got India 7 MPP's in less then 12 hours and India was ready for war. To India's luck Indonesia did not attack India but to our bad luck Indonesia decided to politically takeover India, India a small country came up with a good plan and was ready to resist the takeover but because of a bug in the game India's plan did not go a planned and India was politically takenover in next elections.

Wizzi_Don Period

He was the person who was sent from Indonesia to politically takeover India and he was successful in his mission and he won the presidential elections of India. As soon as he won the elections Indonesia quickly attacked Indian regions and he pressed retreat and India lost all its regions.

BroodRoosterNL Period

After India lost its freedom because of mAonK retreating from every battle, the Indian congress which still had power for another month impeaced mAonK and BroodRoosterNL was made the president. His first term went in discussions with the Indonesians about the Indian freedom. After India got its freedom he was re-elected by the people of India as he was trusted by all. His term's have seen a lot of improvement in India and development in India. One of his major achievements was getting India its Q5 hospital.

Anjan Sarkar Period

Anjan Sarkar is the current president of India. He won the election with 135 votes. His win in the presidential elections was itself a great victory for India as it showed a increase of 142% in votes. One of the first things he did was employ a ministry.

Indonesian-Indian War

Cause of the War

The real reason for this was is still unknown, Indonesia says that it was to gain a route to Romania, India got information from Inside PEACE that it was for Karnataka, a region with high Iron and many Indonesians said so themselves so the real reason is unknown

Actions Taken By India to Win the War

India quickly signed 7 MPP's to protect itself against Indonesia and this helped prevent a direct attack but Indonesians just decided to Politically Takeover India and sent in men and were successful.

Actions take by India to prevent Political Takeover

To prevent the political takeover India decided to make 3 parties at the last 30 minutes so that the Indonesian party becomes the 6th largest party and cant candidate a president, but to India's bad luck a bug let the Indonesian party candidate its candidate.

Result of War

Result of the war is that India lost its freedom as wizzie_don retreated from all battles started by Indonesians.

India in Indonesian Occupation

The Indian Dream

As soon as India lost its freedom, work todays its independence began and the first step was taken when all parties merged into one. All citizens of India joined the party India First , this party was then renamed by the then party president BroodRoosterNL as The Indian Dream. The India Dream suddenly lost members and went down to 20-25 members for some reason, but soon it again started to grow and at present it has 100 members. It is still a party in Indonesia and is run by Indians, this is even after India got back its freedom.

Diplomatic Talks With Indonesia

During Indonesian occupation of India, the Indian leaders were in countinues talks with the Indonesians on the topic "Indian Freedom". There were many fights and many points of agreement and this discussion is still going on. It is at present led by David Forde.

Indian Freedom

India got its freedom for the second time with the help of Romanian controlled Pakistan. The Indians started a RW in Orissa and with the help of the Romanians, Orissa got its freedom.

Life after freedom

Life after freedom was tough as India had got Orissa a region which had no high resource, but the Indians united in the party India United, and worked towards making the life for the common person a better life. At present India is developing again, it has companies in almost all sectors and it is progressing.

IWC Weapons

The opening of the company IWC weapons was a historic day for India, as it was India's first Q5 company, first Q5 weapons company. It was created by Arjaaaine and David Forde with many people donating gold towards the start of the company. This company was created to provide the Indian Army with cheap Q5 weapons.

India in the World War 3

India was naturally being tried to be pulled into the World War as it was in the center of the war. But the Indian leaders never gave in to any alliance and kept India a safe place. The Indian leaders followed the policy, you scratch my back I scratch yours.

Tamil Nadu

Romania was closing in on Karnataka, Indonesia. Victory after Victory they were unstoppable when suddenly Indonesia released the region of Tamil Nadu the only route to Karnataka thus leaving Romania stranded. Romania would have to attack India first get the region and go through to Karnataka but this would cost them a lot of gold just to declare war on India. So they came up with a plan to save them gold and help India.

The Contract

Until the Romanians quickly put up a contract stating that India should declare war on Romania give the region to Romania and in exchange Romania would provide India with a Q5 hospital. The Indian leaders quickly signed the contract and declared war on Romania but by that time Romania had been pushed back by Indonesia, so the contract was never finished.

The Q5 Hospital

The Romanians were true to their promise and provided India with a Q5 hospital, which the Indian leaders put in Orissa.

Return of Indian Regions

Indian regions finally started being returned to India. This happened because of months of great work by many loyal and patriotic Indians.

Return Chhattisgarh and North-East India

These two were the first regions to be returned to India. The RW at Chhattisgarh was started by a Romanian and as soon as it was started David Forde, Indian MOFA quickly got in contact with the government of Indonesia and agreed upon the return of the region and the Indonesians fought for the resistance.

North-East India was returned to India after a article published by David Forde gained support in Indonesia, the article was about release of Indian regions. The content of the article was already discussed by David Forde and the Indonesian government but it was put up to see the support of the public. The RW was started by the Indonesian government and the region was soon freed.

Return of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir was formally a original Pakistani region but India was made the original owner of the region after Indians sent petitions to the admins to do so and gave wikipedia links to prove their points. When India was made the original owner of Jammu and Kashmir at that time it was a Chinese region. David Forde the then MOFA of India quickly wasted no time and contacted the president of China. It was soon agreed that the region was to be transferred to India. The first RW was sadly unsuccessful as the Chinese couldn't beat two people fighting for the medal. The second and the successful RW was started by Logomaster304 and this was successful. The Indian government took measures to make sure it would be successful by sending in the Black Cats, who are the Indian elites. These soldiers made India proud that day by only fighting with Q1 weapons and doing lots of damage.