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I, {{{2}}}, {{{3}}} of the Netherlands, hereby award Netherlands Award the title of


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The code of this template is really complex, please use your sandbox before editing this template


This template goes in a citizen article by stating the person who appoints the medal and the.

{{Netherlands Award|''abbreviation code''|''appointer's name''|''appointer's position''}}

There are basically three types of medals that are given, however there are several levels of the medals. The abbreviation that can be used for this medals, according by the medal type, are:

  • WK4 - Knight 4th Class
  • WK3 - Knight 3rd Class
  • WK2 - Knight 2nd Class
  • WK1 - Knight 1st Class
  • WO3 - Officer 3rd Class
  • WO2 - Officer 2nd Class
  • WO1 - Officer 1st Class
  • WC3 - Commander 3rd Class
  • WC2 - Commander 2nd Class
  • WC1 - Commander 1st Class
  • WGO3 - Grand-Officer 3rd Class
  • WGO2 - Grand-Officer 2nd Class
  • WGO1 - Grand-Officer 1st Class
  • WGCC - Grand-Cross
Willems-orde (OLDER VERSION)
  • WK= Knight
  • WO= Officer
  • WC= Commander
  • WGK= Grand-Knight
  • WGO= Grand-Officer
  • WGC= Grand-Commander
  • WGCC4= Grand-Cross 4th Class
  • WGCC3= Grand-Cross 3rd Class
  • WGCC2= Grand-Cross 2nd Class
  • WGCC1= Grand-Cross 1st Class
  • WDL= Dutch Lion
Nederlandse Leeuw
  • NK - Knight
  • NO - Officer
  • NC - Commander
  • NGK - Grand-Knight
  • OK - Knight
  • OO - Officer
  • OC - Commander
  • OGK - Grand-Knight

The logic behind the abbreviation system:

  • First letter is the first letter of the award type (e.g. W for Willems-Orde; N for Nederlandse Leeuw) while the rest of the abbreviation comes from the abbreviations of the award level in English, omitting word Class (e.g. K4 - Knight 4th Class; GO1 - Grand-Officer 1st Class).
    • Exception is Grand-Cross Class which is marked GCC to avoid confusion with Grand Commander which is abbreviated GC)
    • Please do note that O stands for the letter, not the number.

To choose the medal, simply add the code for that medal type. Following are examples of how to assign correct award to a citizen:

Code samples

{{Netherlands Award|WK4|[[Mr. Wonka]]|[[President|CP]]}}
{{Netherlands Award|WC|[[Daniel Parker]]|[[Prime Minister]]}}
{{Netherlands Award|NGK|[[ArtemIvanov]]|[[President]]}}
{{Netherlands Award|OC|[[Daniel Parker]]|[[Prime Minister]]}}
{{Netherlands Award|WDL|[[NoTie112]]|[[President]]}}


On following pages you can see the template in use with different award types:


Please note that this template is only to be used in citizen articles. Information about the medals can be found here: Medals of the Netherlands.