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Flag of Netherlands   Coat of Arms of Netherlands

On the map

General rank 52
Country power 279
Anthem Wilhelmus
Motto Je maintiendrai
Capital Western Netherlands
Alliance Orion
Language English, Dutch
Population 154
Average level 35
President NoTie112
Party Revolution et Libertas
Political titles
vCP Jordic69
MoD Shawtyl0w
Governor ErepTrader
MoEd Gwom
Currency Flag-Netherlands.jpg NLG (Nederlandse Gulden, Dutch Guilder)
Minimum salary Flag-Netherlands.jpg 1.00 NLG
Average salary Flag-Netherlands.jpg 218.65 NLG
Food bonus 10%
Weapon bonus 10%
House bonus 10%
Aircraft bonus 0%
Territories 4
Natural enemy Canada
IRC #eUNL @Rizon

Map of Netherlands

Last update 29 August 2016

The Netherlands are a medium-sized country in the North-West of Europe. The Netherlands originally consists out of 4 regions, named after the 4 directions of the wind (Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Netherlands). It borders with 6 regions of 4 foreign countries. It has a small but active population. The Netherlands had been on and off the map since 2011 due to the location of an historic Oil resource in the Western Netherlands, which used to be a keen interest by Icon-Poland.png Poland. Since the resource shuffle, the Netherlands are now standing pretty steady on the world map as the oil resource was removed from the region of Western Netherlands.

Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society


Icon - Forums.png
Icon - Chat.png
  • Server:
  • Channel: #eUNL

The community is diverse, consisting of many RL-Dutch and many people from abroad. The Dutch community has generally been seen as an international orientated country. The Dutch community gathers on their external forum and an external chat-channel.


Both Dutch and English are the official languages of the Netherlands. Most citizens speak English quite well and generally English is used most on the forum and in the media.

Government publications

Articles in newspapers and international messages are nearly always written in English and sometimes accompanied by a Dutch translation. In official ministry publications both English and Dutch are often used to accompany all the citizens language abilities.

Paper-Compass.png Geography

The original territory of the Netherlands is composed of several regions: Northern NetherlandsSouthern NetherlandsWestern Netherlands, and Eastern Netherlands (occupied by Icon-Canada.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource
Western Netherlands Icon-capital.gif Icon-Netherlands.png Icon - Oil.png Oil
Northern Netherlands Icon-Netherlands.png Icon - Fish.png Fish
Southern Netherlands Icon-Netherlands.png Icon - Wood.png Wood

Icon achievement resistance on.gif History

The Netherlands was a founding member of the Mediterranean Alliance , Icon-PEACE.png PEACE and the Icon-Phoenix.png Phoenix alliance systems and often delivered prominent citizens into high-ranking positions within those organisations. The Netherlands formed for almost a year a union together with Icon-Belgium.png Belgium called the Icon-United Netherlands.png United Netherlands. The Netherlands joined Flag-GEA.pngGEA late 2011 and in 2012 the Netherlands was accepted as a full member of Icon-EDEN.pngEDEN which it left begin of 2013. December of 2015 it joined Flag-Orion.jpg Orion.

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Economy


The currency of the Netherlands is the Dutch Guilder or Nederlandse Gulden (NLG)


The minimum wage is currently set at 1 NLG. Average wage is currently at 218.65 NLG.

Trading Embargo

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.


Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 0% 3% 5%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 0% 2% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft 0% 0% 0%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 0% 0% 0%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 0% 1% 1%
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 0% 1% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 0% 1% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 0% 1% -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material 0% 0% -
  • Last update: 12 April 2016

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Politics

Wetboek.png Constitution and Law

The law is determined by a majority vote in Congress. The leading law is the constitution (in it's amended form). An overview of all laws can be found in the Lawbook of the Netherlands.

Icon position party president.gif Political parties

Logo Party Name Initials Members Political Stance Party President
Party-Democratisch Nederland.png Democratisch Nederland DemNL 12 Center-Left, Libertarian Shawtyl0w
Party-Iron & Wine v2.jpg Iron & Wine I&W 12 Center-right, Libertarian odan
Party-Verenigd Nederland.jpg Verenigd Nederland VN 11 Center-Right, Libertarian Weekstrom
Party-Revolution et Libertas.jpg Revolution et Libertas ReL 11 Center-Right, Libertarian MDSanderon
Party-Geuzen Partij Nederland.jpg Geuzen Partij Nederland GPN 10 Center, Libertarian Alex the best123

Last updated: 23rd of March 2018

2ekamerlogo-m.png Congress

The Dutch Congress, known as the Tweede Kamer (Second chamber)

The legislative chamber of the country is also referred to as Congress, Parliament, or Second Chamber. It debates on laws The Congress of the Netherlands is the highest legislative body. With a 66% percent majority, Congress can change anything. (In order to amend the constitution, two votes needs to be held in two consecutive terms).

In the Netherlands we distinguish the in-game Congress, where simple adjustments to the game, like changing taxes, can be made, and forum Congress, where more complex laws and policies are debated and voted on. Every new law needs to be debated and voted on in forum Congress before being processed in-game. Every citizen of the Netherlands may participate in public Congress debates, however only Congress-members may vote on proposals. The Congress is managed by the Chairman of Congress and his deputy the vice-chairman of Congress, they manage the debates (closing votes, closing old topics, tame the incidental flamewar) they publish updates on the congress in eNL congress newspaper.







Cpemblem.jpg President

Current president NoTie112

Role of the President in Netherlands

The Country President (CP) is the formal head of state, government and military, although the President’s forum based and in-game powers are limited by the constitutional and congressional legal order of the Netherlands.
The President resides in Het Catshuis where he publishes in the Presidential Newspaper. He also has the privilege/duty to hand out Medals.

Presidential History

Rijksoverheid-s.jpg Government

  • The Country President is the formal head of state, government and military.
  • The Government consists of the NL President, the NL vice-President and the NL Ministers
Role of the Government
The NL Government is responsible for the daily management of the Netherlands. The following ministries have a fixed position, meaning they can not be removed ::and their posts must be filled: Ministry of Finances and Ministry of Defense.
Government formation
  • The Government is formed after the Country President Elections.
    • The Government is formed by the Country President.
      • The Government is presented to the congress where it needs to be accepted by a vote of confidence held in the congress forum.

Current Government

Previous Governments

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Military

NL Krijgsmacht.png Armed Forces of the Netherlands

The Armed Forces of the Netherlands consist of one Military unit called Dutch Armed Forces, who are officially supported by the Dutch state and thus financed by the Congress. They are directly operated from the Dutch Ministry of Defense and the President. Soldier in these units can get supplies in the form of weapons in priority battles on #nl-army on

Wars and Conflict

The Netherlands currently have a trainingwar with Canada.

Military units

Name logo commander Members
Dutch Armed Forces Dutch Armed Forces.jpg Shawtyl0w 112
Praetorian Guard NL Praetorian Guards.jpg Zeeuwsmeisje 37
The Flying Dutchman The Flying Dutchman.jpg blackpatje 30
Progressive MU Progressive.jpg Chean 29
Chilean Army Chilean Army.jpg Don Gabo 2
The Netherlands The netherlands.jpg Jordic69 1
eNL Benevolent Dictator ENL Benevolent Dictator.png Trannsvaal 1
Alpha Unit Alphaunit.jpg N/A 1
De Oranjewacht De Oranjewacht.jpg N/A 1
eNL Army ENL Army.jpg N/A 1


Currently the Netherlands is a member of the Orion alliance.

The Netherlands often delivered prominent citizens into high-ranking positions within these organisations:

  • Founding member of Mediterranean Alliance - disbanded July 2008
  • Founding member of PEACE-Seal.png PEACE - Netherlands withdrew 23 November 2009 together with Brazil after many other countries left already[1]
  • Founding member of Icon-Phoenix.png Phoenix - disbanded February 2011
  • Member of Flag-GEA.pngGEA - 11 December 2011[2] - 23 June 2012 as an EDEN trial-member
  • Member of Icon-EDEN.png - EDEN 24 June 2012[3] - 16 February 2013[4]
  • Member of Flag-Orion.jpg - Orion December 2015[5] - Current


The Netherlands has mutual protection pacts with the following nation(s):