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General Information
Disbanded 2013
Country Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Colors Black
Part of Iran

AHOORA was one of the best units forming part of Iran Armed Forces. Ahoora was formed by Khihot in February 2011. The AHoora was the second-strongest and second-most active branch of the Iran armed forces. When Abyzou took over sometime in 2014, he was already leading new unit - T.P.A. Family, so it is a belief that AHOORA stopped to exist sometime in 2013.

Unit had around 40 members


The minimum requirements necessary to join the Ahoora were:

AHOORA Requirements
Strength Rank Activity
+2000 Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel High

AHOORA award

The following insignia are awarded exclusively to soldiers for distinguished service in the AHOORA military team:

  • Textured ribbon - AHOORA.png AHOORA military team Medal

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